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Since its inception, Instagram has grown to the point of being the main platform for sharing photos. More than 800 million users are active on the page, and more than 60 million photos are published every day. In addition, there are a large number of influencers on the page with very high numbers of followers. And with the right Instagram strategy for your phone mailing list, your brand can be influential, too. You have to publish the right content to stay relevant to your current and potential consumers. But it can be difficult to know which Instagram digital strategy works best for your growing audience. Therefore, we show you here 10 Instagram strategies for companies and the management of social networks that can help you make the most of the platform:

1. Switch to a business profile as soon as possible
Before you start thinking about how to create a marketing strategy for Instagram, make sure you have an Instagram Business Account. Even if you are not very clear about the management of social networks like Instagram, keep in mind that it is very easy to change from your current profile to a company one. Just go to settings and choose “switch to company profile” to get started. There are benefits to having a business account. For example, followers can click your contact button to contact you directly from your Instagram page, just as they would from your website. In addition, it allows you to access Instagram’s analytical tools, called Insights, which provide you with data on the impressions and reach of your publications. Once you’ve disabled the free benefits that come with your business profile, you can start using them to track metrics and understand your audience.


2. Use free Instagram tools
To know how to create a marketing strategy for Instagram, you have to know that Instagram business profiles are not as different from Forex Email List as it seems. Through Insights, you can see statistics such as impressions, engagement data, and many more. You can even see a breakdown of the demographics of your followers, including information such as their age, gender, location, and the hours they are most active. Furthermore, the Insights data is not generalized. You can get more specific information for the posts of the last week, and see how many impressions you have had during a period and which are your most successful posts. These tools are priceless, as you can use them to understand exactly how users interact with your content. The more you know about them, the better you can adjust the content you post to increase engagement .

3. Post product trailers that encourage people to buy
What if you could sell more products simply by posting previews of these on Instagram? Well, you can. Instagram is a great place to advertise your products. And if you play your cards right, you won’t annoy users with ads. If you are too “heavy”, the number of followers will drop like flies. But product preview posts are an easy way to talk about your product and build excitement without looking like you’re forcing it. A good digital marketing strategy on Instagram is to advance the products to people who have an interest in it. If you don’t force yourself to buy it, they are more likely to take action and buy. And if not, at least they will have interacted with your post by liking, commenting, or sharing it with a friend. Therefore, do not stop showing the advantages of your product by publishing photos of it. Just do it discreetly.

4. Create «sponsored» ads
With Instagram ads, the best thing is that you can control how much you want to spend on them by setting a budget. You can launch one ad or many ads with the carousel feature. This gives brands the ability to attack the audience in a whole new way. Prior to these posts, only users who followed your account could see news and photos. Brands can promote their photos to anyone who fits their target audience to increase the reach of their posts. A good Instagram strategy for your company with paid ads is to use content that engages while attracting the attention of the market sector you want to attract. In addition, you can convert existing publications into ads, therefore a good digital strategy for your Instagram can be to use the publications with the most interactions and promote them.

5. Use Instagram Stories
If you control the management of social networks like Instagram, and you want to generate leads , you should use Instagram stories. These differ from publications in that the format is “slide show”. They are only available for 24 hours, but can be saved on any device and reused later. The benefits of these are endless. For starters, being located at the top of the screen as soon as you start the application, users tend to see them. Brands can use stories to capture “behind the scenes” content of posts that may not be as high-quality as a regular post. Also, with this tool you don’t have to worry about publishing content that aligns with the aesthetics of your brand. Instagram makes it easy for you to test different types of content in stories such as photos, short videos, live videos, or boomerangs. You can use tools like Canva or InVideo to create images and videos for your stories.

6. Partner with influencers for greater reach
Another way to create an Instagram marketing strategy is to use and negotiate with influencers.If you want to reach potential customers on Instagram, the fastest way to do it is through influencers who have already built an audience and have a huge following. More and more people buy products and services based on what they see in their feed of influencers, as they trust them. By partnering with the right influencer for your industry, you can show your brand to all of those people. The first step is to identify a few influencers who have a relevant audience for your product or service. If you put aside short-term benefits and direct sales from an influencer, you’ll see that there are still more long-term benefits. For example, building a relationship with an influencer will help you build a lasting brand awareness with a new audience, which can be of great help for your digital strategy on Instagram.

7. Use photos that users send you
Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to create content for your company’s Instagram strategy without having to strain? If you already have a hooked audience that interacts with your publications, regardless of whether they are hundreds or thousands, you can “use” them to generate content that is useful to you. Also, your followers will most likely enjoy their generated content even more than yours because it is authentic and unpredictable.

8. Create an interactive hashtag
The eighth tip on how to create a marketing strategy for Instagram is creating interactive hashtags. If you’re looking to create instant engagement , this is the way to do it. So customers can use that tag in their post. This allows users to search through all posts related to your brand. It also allows you to easily find images that you may want to republish on your account. Creating a hasthag that your company and other users can use and search for in the end is free advertising.

9. Post at the right time
Posting too much on Instagram is a way to put off your current followers. If all they see on their feed is your brand, they will probably end up unfollowing you. But at the same time, you must post consistently if you want your company’s Instagram strategy to work. One of the best ways to do this is to only post during the hours of the day where there is the most traffic on Instagram. Between 8am and 9am for example, many people are managing the social network while going to school or work. Then also at 2 in the morning, although surprising, the traffic is usually quite high because people who cannot sleep are satisfied with looking at social networks.

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