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9 simple actions to improve your YouTube channel

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9 simple actions to improve your YouTube channel

Video content rules the world! People love video. Audiences prefer video. Do not fight against that trend that prevailed. Swimming against the current is pointless. Therefore, it is important to improve your YouTube channel. Currently, video is the dominant format for the publication of content on social networks, but that is nothing new, for more than a decade we have been talking about the subject. Professionals in the marketing agree that the video is the best way to convey messages, users engage and interact with Bahamas Phone Number List communities. Do you think TikTok is trending by chance? Clearly not. It is enough to go through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to notice the importance of video in current communications and to perceive the infatuation that this format produces in all users, because of how simple it is to consume the content.

The video marketing is the tool to achieve visibility
The concept of video marketing was born as a consequence of the explosive expansion of video on social networks. The term is used to refer to the appropriation of video as a marketing tool . Many companies understood it, jumped at it and users loved it! So they rewarded companies that took this trend seriously with excellent results. Businesses that launched into video saw an increase in interactions, content consumption, click rates, and conversions. In general, the digital presence of those companies that incorporated video marketing skyrocketed immediately.

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There is currently no format that can compete with video in terms of reach, virality or interaction figures. Today, video is king! And we believe that his term will be long. This reality produced a positive spiral of appropriation of video as a preferred format for brands and audiences to communicate and interact. An obvious fact that no business leader can ignore. Not taking video as the main format for communications and digital content could make your strategy irrelevant in a world that is currently over-communicated. Improving your YouTube channel: a key action in the digital ecosystem YouTube is the direct beneficiary and main promoter of the rise of video. Since 2005, the year in which the platform was born, video had a huge boost thanks to it, which in turn was leveraged in this to dominate the category – which today is more competitive due to the incredible rise of other social networks, such as Instagram , Facebook or TikTok.

All this generated two things: (i) that video professionals became a key element within the digital team and (ii) that YouTube will play a leading role within the digital ecosystems of business.This is how YouTube opened up space and placed itself at the center of  Forex Email List marketing discussions . It stopped being an option and became an obligation for digital teams. But not all companies did the job well. On the contrary, many stumbled when making the jump. That is why in this post we want to share some simple tips that will help companies improve the performance and performance of their YouTube channel and thus achieve marketing goals .

1. Make the channel visible
Achieving visibility on YouTube is an exercise in patience and dedication. In the initial phases, the work is difficult and daunting; But, once everything is up and running, the results are gratifying.

Our first advice, then, is to recommend that you allocate all the resources you have on hand so that your channel reaches interesting levels of visibility, especially in its early stages. The simplest thing is to support yourself in each of the social networks that make up the digital ecosystem of your business to promote the channel, invest resources in advertising campaigns within YouTube and enable direct accesses in visible points of your website, so that visitors can find out about the channel. These three simple actions are a great starting point for driving your business video marketing initiatives . The more visible the channel, the better.

2. Customize each section of the channel
The second step to improving your YouTube channel is personalization. Reviewing and deciding on all the configuration options offered by the platform is critical to adapt and maintain the channel within a graphical unit imposed by the business.

The personalization of the channel will serve to align it with the presence displayed by the company in other social networks and to increase the chances of being found by YouTube users. The digital team must strive to make the channel and the activity look good and are consistent with the brand. You will have to take care of all the details, fill in all the fields and choose the colors, the header images, the thumbnails of the videos and the other graphic pieces to give identity to the channel. Spare no effort! Work hard to convey a consistent and professional branding message and to communicate your company’s commitment to a YouTube presence.

3. Work more on the quality of the content than on the video
What users consume is the content , not the technical effort invested in the planning, development and production of the videos. Yes, the quality of the images and audio are important, but they are not the primary factor in the success or failure of your business on YouTube. What we are looking for with this third piece of advice is to emphasize to the activity managers that the resources associated with video marketing work should be allocated to what truly makes a difference in the digital world: the quality of the content. Obviously, there are minimum levels of production for the content to be consumed and these have to be guaranteed; But, in essence, one should be lean in investments to improve the technical quality of the video and generous in investments related to the quality of the content.

4. Generate abundant and interesting content
In addition to quality – an item that we touched on in the previous point – the quantity of content generated is also a variable to consider. But be careful! It is preponderant that this variable is always below quality. The right thing to do, then, is to work hard to generate as much content as possible with previously defined demanding quality standards. The digital team must establish a publication frequency and comply with it – we repeat, respecting the minimum accepted quality levels. For the channel to be successful, content producers must strive to research and create good content for the community. That’s the only way to stand out and make money on YouTube. The more content, the more traffic and the greater opportunities to improve the reach and engagement of the audience on social networks.

5. Choose a good cover video for the channel
Our fifth tip might seem like a minor detail, but it isn’t. Choosing a good video for the cover of the channel has to do with a basic and simple premise to understand: take care of the first impression! If the cover video of your channel catches the user’s attention, you will be closer to achieving a subscription or the consumption of any of the published content. To achieve this, a short and concise video of good technical quality should be chosen for the cover, which describes well the channel’s intentions, summarizes the type of content that is published, and evidences the tone and language of the videos. Creating a video with these characteristics should be the first obligation of the production team. Make the first impression of your channel go a long way and use it to turn unsuspecting visitors into true fans of your content or repeat users.

6. Use attractive and relevant titles, descriptions and tags for each video
When the visibility efforts described so far fall short, it is necessary to look for alternatives to attract and retain visitors. A great way to achieve this is by using search engine optimization techniques – because YouTube, in addition to being a powerful social network, is a very recurring search engine. Therefore, as a sixth tip, we recommend making a diligent optimization effort on each video. How? Assigning each content a descriptive, coherent and attractive title so that it stands out in the results; writing a good description for YouTube to index it in the correct keywords; and selecting a smart group of tags to categorize the content. Every second invested in optimizing the channel’s content pieces will be rewarded in traffic, consumption and visibility. But beware, this work must be accompanied by quality content, because creating false expectations in the title and description of the video can be very harmful to the reputation of the channel and your business.

7. Make the first 15 seconds of each video memorable
So far, the six tips exposed have been aimed at attracting potential users to the channel. This one, the seventh, does not care so much about attracting viewers to the videos, but about retaining their attention and getting them to subscribe. The correct way to obtain a new subscriber is to assign that responsibility to each video published on the channel, and this objective is attacked – to begin with – by proposing that the first fifteen seconds of each video are memorable. The digital business team should focus on creating engaging and engaging videos. That is the best mechanism to gain the attention of users and get them to consider subscribing to the channel.

8. Use the cards and the end of the videos to promote other content
Watch time is a critical variable for your channel to gain visibility within YouTube. The algorithm loves channels that retain the user on the platform. If a viewer goes from one of your videos to another, you will be achieving one of the most sought after goals in the digital world: that the user stays with you for a long time.To achieve this, YouTube puts at our disposal two very powerful tools: the end of the videos and the cards. The first is a 20-second space at the end of each video for you to propose new content from your channel to the viewer. And the second are small clickable fragments that appear on the upper right side of the playing videos.Taking these two tools to create navigation webs with attractive content to ensure that the user stays a long time watching your content makes a huge difference in the visibility of the channel. Use video endings and YouTube cards wisely to increase your channel’s watch time. That is the first step on the road to success!

9. Monitor the results of each video
The last piece of advice is simple —and many will say that it was repetitive in our content, that we were taking a long time, but what do we do if the issue is preponderant to achieve positive results in the digital world—: do analytics.To achieve excellent performance with your YouTube video channel, you will have to spend a lot of time measuring and analyzing the results you get with each published video. The digital team will have to pay close attention to the metrics provided by YouTube and create a dashboard to better understand their subscribers through the data.The idea is to discover which are the most attractive content for the community, the ones with the best results and the ones with the most visibility for the business. This will better guide decision-making in the future.

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