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7 ways to network for your marketing strategy in 2021

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7 ways to network for your marketing strategy in 2021

With the current situation, since the COVID-19 state of alarm was decreed in Spain, the events in which marketers could network have been postponed or suspended.

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What is networking in marketing?
What is this marketing strategy for?
7 ways to network for your marketing strategy
Mistakes to avoid when networking
What is the next step after networking?
Even so, there are digital tools to connect and network for your marketing strategy . Social distancing has forced many entrepreneurs and executives to dive deeper into the internet and search for job opportunities online.

Considering the current situation, I want to tell you with practical examples all the possibilities of working your networking for the next 2021.

By reading this post you will know how I have done it and how the best online Uganda Phone Number List agencies do it for their marketing strategy. We started!

What is networking in marketing?
I will tell you quickly and from my experience what networking is for me.

It consists of connecting with marketing professionals or from another sector to make yourself known and explain what you do in order to generate business or look for potential clients, either in a physical event, an online event or through social networks.

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In other words, it’s about people knowing you, trusting you, and wanting to do business with you.

According to Wikipedia, it comes from the Anglicism “networking” or network of contacts, and is used in business. There are synonyms such as “relational marketing”, “networking”, “marketing networks” or “business networks”.

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What is this marketing strategy for?
Networking is a common practice in the business and entrepreneurial world. In physical events, a period of time is usually left for professionals to connect. Take advantage of the morning or afternoon coffee for this “network” moment .

People who attend may be those with a business idea or human resources staff looking to incorporate professionals into their workforces.

It can also be beneficial for those who are looking for a job .

Digital marketing companies or agencies also go to these types of events to find professionals, such as, for example, the figure of the social media manager , so in demand now, or web design and digital Forex Email List professionals.

It is a good opportunity to receive feedback on your brand’s product or service, from people in your same sector.

“By working your network of contacts you will be more likely to sell your idea, get a partner, attract a new client or get a better job.”

That is why it is so important to include networking in your marketing strategy.

7 ways to network for your marketing strategy
One of the most important aspects when it comes to starting a business is to surround yourself with people who join the project, and, for this purpose, networking is key.

But … what happens now? Well, there are no events.

And so how can I network?

Don’t worry, I’m going to give you 7 examples of how to network for your marketing strategy. Take note!

1. Unconscious Networking: example “Marketing at Home”
I want to explain this point to you in a very practical way, with a real example that I have lived recently.

In May 2020, Antonio Ortega invited me to his program “Optimize your Funnel”.

Antonio is a marketer, trainer and specialist in digital sales funnels / online funnels. I already knew him from the DSM Valencia 2019 congress.

In the months of quarantine he had the idea of ​​making a videopodcast called “Marketing at Home”, in which every afternoon he invited a friend and marketing professional who shared his experience, giving ideas, tips and advice.

It had professionals of the stature of Nagore García, Sonia Duro, Jorge Ortega and Fernando Cebolla, among others.

On May 5, 2020 it was my turn. We talk about how to boost your online store .

Thanks to this interview, four people contacted me interested in online sales. Finally, out of these four people, two of them hired me to sell their products online through Prestashop and WooComerce.

I got these clients thanks to the interview that Antonio Ortega gave me, whom I met thanks to the networking at the Miguel Florido – DSMValencia19 congress.

That is why I call it “unconscious networking” , because when I go to an event I try to connect with as many people as possible, and the results of this networking are not immediate. You may not see that person anymore or it may be the beginning of future collaborations, as in this case.

2. Work your networking in the current situation
Of course, through social networks and, above all, LinkedIn, you can do effective networking that helps you create beneficial relationships for your business.

LinkedIn is the professional network par excellence. Identify people with whom you are interested in connecting and interact with them, start by creating a good profile, which will be your best cover letter.

Here are some basic recommendations that will help you:

Be sure to include a photo – a photo that is professional.
When completing your profile, use the words you want your customers to find you with.
Design an action plan and objectives to start working on this social network successfully.
Use LinkedIn’s advanced search features to find people you really care about.

Join groups of professionals in the sector, share content and news that may be relevant to you but you can also do it.
Start by getting 500 contacts, but do not connect with everyone without a defined criteria: you must know who you want to connect and for what.
Share coherent and interesting publications, and if you do not have your own content, share from a reference that represents you.
In addition to sharing content, recommend, comment, respond to comments and, above all, be grateful.
The idea of ​​working on all these actions on LinkedIn is to find common ground and relationships with other professionals in the sector , making the most of the possibilities it offers you.

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3. Networking has a positive impact on your marketing strategy
Networking positively influences your marketing strategy. If you make yourself known, more people will know you, worth the redundancy. For instance:

In content marketing , you will increase your audience and the performance of your content. Create and share the content of your blog on social networks and promote it based on your business objectives.

Do not post things that you may regret, try to include publications of everything you do at a professional level, where you go and everything in which you are mentioned. Always be grateful.

Publish and share relevant content from your blog and the blog of other professionals to add value to your professional profile.

Thanks to social media marketing , your brand will be better known. It will increase the number of followers and a higher engagement, defining engagement as the commitment that the client has with your brand.

5. Marketing conferences
And between online event and online event, this year 2020 the 8th eCongress was held on September 12 in Malaga. I steeled myself and attended to see the best professionals in ecommerce, social media and digital marketing.

I was able to listen, meet and chat for a while with Jordi Urbea, Senior Vice President of Ogilvy Spain and CEO of Ogilvy Barcelona.

His presentation, entitled “Marketing in the COVID-19 era: the importance of purpose and data”, I liked a lot, because it was very focused on the current situation and the importance of data for strategic decision making.

This contact may not serve me more than to listen to their experience and learn from that talk, but some interesting collaboration could also arise after the event and thanks to networking .

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6. Contacts with other marketing agencies
When you attend marketing conferences, don’t do it just to listen to the speakers. Get close to them, explain who you are and make them see your differential value.

Thanks to the wonderful networking I met Iñaki Tovar, CEO of the SEO Webpositer Agency. After the event where we met, we have stayed in touch and collaborated on several occasions. Without networking, these collaborations probably would not have come to fruition.

7. Marketing professionals and colleagues
When you think about recycling your knowledge and decide to train, you only value what you are going to learn. But do not realize that professional collaborations can also arise between colleagues.

Since I started online marketing, I have been fortunate to meet marketing professionals such as Miguel Ángel Florido. It was in 2017 at DSM Madrid, when I attended a marketing event for the first time, with its space
reserved for networking.

I took the opportunity to approach some of the speakers and introduce myself. But it did not end there, because at the end of the event I selected the business cards of the people that I found most interesting, I did a post-nerworking search and saved their contact. I started following them on social media and began to establish a relationship little by little.

To this day, I can say that I maintain the relationship both with some of the speakers and with fellow networking with whom I was able to coincide at that event. In addition, several very interesting collaborations have emerged, but also professional relationships that probably would not have happened without the event and its networking.

Mistakes to avoid when networking
To achieve effective networking you must avoid certain mistakes that I want to share with you so that you get the best results from these interactions:

Don’t take the pre-made conversation or play the expert
The more natural you are, the better. Here too, less is more. It’s fine to have an idea of ​​what you want to convey, but don’t pretend or go overboard with professionals who probably know much more than you.

In the online field, exactly the same. Focus on making the recipient feel that you are addressing them and you don’t have a ready-made message.

If you have tried to contact a reference and they give you long, do not insist quickly
Times are not the same for everyone, each of us find ourselves in similar circumstances. There are very busy professionals with whom matching schedules can be impossible. Don’t despair, you can try again the next month, set up a call, or continue the conversation by mail.

For the interest I love you Inés
Before asking, give, and, above all, thank.

Don’t write only when you need something. Rather, follow that person and interact with what they post regularly. When you want to ask for something, you will not be interested.

What is the next step after networking?
If we don’t attend events, probably none of the benefits of networking will come to us. However, with the current situation we do not have many options, although what we can do is attend online events and take advantage of its advantages.

Note that when you connect with someone who interests you in any of these online events, as well as in the face-to-face ones, you should also follow up on this professional .

All this does not make sense if, after meeting that professional in question, you do not know where he is moving or what actions he takes.

Follow him on social media, especially on LinkedIn, as I said before, and also on Twitter.

To create a profitable relationship, I insist: before asking, you have to give. And when that relationship already exists, then ask wisely.

For this, Twitter is ideal, because you can easily connect with the professional in question. Giving feedback to his tweets will bring you closer to him.

I hope these 7 ways to network for your marketing strategy give your business the boost it needs to reach your goals.

If you are not a “social person” it may be difficult at first, but it is worth getting out of your comfort zone. As you have seen in this article, you can get a lot of good from networking. Go out to the market, tell your story and interact with people. Your business will thank you.

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