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Forex Email Lists Provide email database, email marketing databases, business email list, a Consumer email database, direct SMS marketing lead, telemarketing leads. However, Forex email list each and every Sales lead are double verified business email lead from worldwide countries. We have 300 B2B contact information and 400 million b2c contact information. Moreover, each and every business and consumer email database are opt-in and permission-based. We always provide you off-spam active lead because spam lead is west your time and money. 

Forex Email List also believed in 100% client satisfaction. Nowadays Forex Email List is one of the trustable sales lead providers. However, we have the newly updated opt-in business mailing lists for your marketing camping. You Can get here your targeted b2b and b2c email database with accurate contact information. We also have the decision-makers’ b2b data from your email marketing camping. We provide you b2b mailing list for your lead generation content marketing.


For what reasons does video work better than other media? Just to give you an idea, a positive user experience with a video increases purchase intent by 97%, and brand association by 139%.As phone number database is starting to replace writing, people start to wonder: video vs. text: which is better? In addition to text, video has challenged other media such as images, infographics, and podcasts. While video will never completely replace these media, it will continue to expand as “the most popularly consumed content globally.” At Roas Hunter we tell you the reasons why video is the best medium.

Body language and verbal tone play a very important role in conveying a message. The content of the text depends on choosing the correct words, punctuation, and visual features such as emoticons to set the correct tone. But, with videos, viewers can determine exactly what the announcer is trying to convey by looking at their body language and tone.Not only that, but videos can go beyond verbal and non-verbal communication, including visual support such as images, which can reinforce the mood further. The simple fact that the announcer is visible makes the video more specific and effective. Reason 2: Interactions with the audience With the combination of sounds and images, there is nothing that video cannot do. Being the most popular medium, viewers are ready to listen as long as you offer them valuable and concise content. Businesses can use this to their advantage by marketing with videos rather than text and images.


In fact, consumers are 27 times more likely to click on an online video ad than on a banner. Videos that engage, have content to engage with, and a captivating CTA at the end, have the potential to be successful in keeping audiences engaged. Reason 3: Videos Show Fast and Rich Content It’s no secret that reading takes much longer than seeing. Even podcasts take Forex Email List because they lack visual support. The visual aesthetics combined with the audio allows the information that is transmitted to arrive much faster. For example, in a video you can show a graph with the speaker explaining it simultaneously, instead of showing the graph and then having to read a paragraph with the explanation.

Reason 4: Video incites action The video has proven to be more convincing than the rest of the media. By implementing a more authentic interaction, viewers on duty are more open to what the announcer is saying. Almost all professional videos include a CTA, and the results are usually very satisfying. KISSmetrics found that a CTA with a video produces 380% more clicks than a CTA on the sidebar. In other words, video increases the likelihood that the user will take action. Reason 5: Video improves social communication Video is the greatest social communication innovation since texting. Instead of just listening to someone on the phone, or reading what they say to you in a message, people can see each other face to face. Two relatives from different parts of the world can have a conversation by seeing each other, they simply need an internet connection and a device with a camera.

Many millennials use FaceTime or Skype to talk with close friends and family during the day to satisfy their need to socialize with their loved ones. Not only is video the greatest asset for companies, but for people who are realizing that it is socially irreplaceable. Reason 6: Videos allow convenient and accessible production
Clicking “record” on your smartphone and talking about a topic is much easier than writing an article about them. Video production is more accessible than ever. Anyone today can record, edit and post their own video for free. Also, although some videos require planning, this is not essential to their success. Many YouTubers have earned millions of subscribers simply by recording unplanned vlogs from their day-to-day lives. An unedited and unorganized blog post would not generate as much attention as a video with the same time spent planning it.

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