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7 motivational and inspiring videos for tough times

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7 motivational and inspiring videos for tough times

Today I am not going to write a Ireland Business Phone List post. I am going to share a selection of motivational and inspirational videos (short), which have helped me a lot in difficult times.

Even beyond the pandemic and confinement, this selection of motivational videos will help you in case of lack of inspiration or motivation. I always turn to them and they are always a great encouragement to keep going.

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And my first thanks goes to the people who created those videos and who made them known to me and who, thanks to them, make us reflect. It is what I always thank Social Media and content creators.

Motivating and inspiring videos for difficult situations
This is a very personal post and my goal is for this selection of motivational videos to help you overcome difficulties. And although I write it at a very particular time worldwide, they can always help you.

I write after meditating a lot these days without being able to leave home due to the State of Alarm and the confinement to which we are forced due to the Coronavirus or Covid19. An exceptional situation that has forced millions of people to seclude themselves at home for weeks. The #YoMeQuedoEn Casa that will forever mark our generation.

It is a particular and unique situation in history , for which none of us was prepared.

During these days I asked myself: What can I do? How to overcome so many days of confinement without losing heart? How to overcome fear or uncertainty about what is happening and whose statistics are not encouraging? What can I do to get out of this emotional and creative block?

What can I do to help other people with what I know or what I can do?

But the daily meetings with the Aula CM Team gave me the definitive boost. I started looking for motivational videos to raise my spirits and I remembered some that had marked me and that had helped me overcome many barriers.

And this is my selection of motivational and improvement videos and a brief explanation of why I chose them, the most motivating phrases they contain and at what point in my life they arrived:

” The Path of Success ” by LuzuVlogs: 5’20 ”
This is video is very inspiring and very special to me. That is why I put it first. I discovered it at a crucial moment in my life. Bruno Vázquez-Dodero , friend, boss, mentor and guide, entrepreneur and founder of Aula CM shared it with me .

The video was published in May 2013 on the LuzuVlogs YouTube channel and I met him within a few weeks of being published. We had been working in Aula CM for many months now, but it was the definitive moment to stop working for someone else and to embark on this wonderful adventure that is Aula CM.

It was time to make difficult decisions, those that change your life and fortunately it changed me for the better.

Bruno and I worked a lot taking all the areas of the company: giving the courses, giving all information to interested people, we answered the emails and organized the registrations. At the same time we created the content for the blog, social networks and courses. We also worked to create and strengthen the branding and online and offline Forex Email List of the brand. And as if that were not enough, we managed projects with clients, at the agency level …

It was a time of extreme work and a lot of tension. But at the same time it is a very enriching and very stimulating job . We worked 18 hours a day on average and with adrenaline pumping.

But let’s get back to that motivational video . I remember that Bruno shared the video with me around 2 in the morning (usual work time), I saw it after a few minutes and I loved it, it impacted me and made me think differently.

The video is impeccably recorded, voiced and produced by Borja Luzuriaga Vázquez, « Luzu «, and is based on the philosophy and thought of the actor Will Smith, and he manages to transmit his ideas with strength and passion.

The video contains direct, sincere and motivating phrases, like these:

“Talent is something we are born with. Skill is something that is created with determination and with hours and hours of work doing the same. And talent will fail you as long as you don’t work on your skills »…

«The competition is brutal. Think that while you are sleeping or resting, someone is working to be the best in what you want to be successful »…

It is a wonderful motivational and inspirational video . It lasts a little over 5 minutes. Please look at it and listen to it carefully. Give yourself that time, it will be a short time wonderfully invested in you:

” Isra García’s Marketing Vision , pure motivation” . (short version) 1’24
I confess that I have lied to you. The first sentence of this post says that I am not going to talk about marketing and this is a marketing video.

But this video is pure motivation, it is magic, it is inspiration condensed in just over a minute. It is a video that I recommend to all bloggers or to all people who are dedicated to marketing or to all people who want to do something in any aspect of life.

I always turn to this video when I have an emotional block or when I am looking for excuses not to write on my blog. But you will see that it is worth it and is applicable to any work area.

It is a wonderful interview from Alicia Senovilla to the great Isra García , and it was the first video of another great project by Bruno associated with Aula CM , our YouTube channel: Marketin.tv

Isra García’s always accurate and close words make it a very motivating and inspiring video. I leave you 2 of his phrases:

“You want something else? You have to do something else »…

“Blogging, like anything in life requires passion and that is why many people do not do it” …

My advice: take note of his words. Write them down, make them yours and make it happen. Try to change things. No one will do it for you.

If you want to see the complete interview with Isra García, here it is. It lasts 24 minutes: The vision of marketing according to Isra García in Marketing TV.

Irene Villa: «In the face of adversity» 4’20 »
This video is wonderful, motivating and inspiring , like everything the journalist, psychologist and writer Irene Villa González does and says . I declare myself a true admirer of her.

I met Irene Villa a few years ago in an interview on television. And from that day on I could not do anything but admire her and thank her for her sincerity, for her optimism, for her strength and her capacity to transform herself and others.

In all her interviews, a woman of integrity, cheerful and optimistic is seen despite all the difficulties she suddenly encountered in her life. This interview is part of the Aprendemos Juntos program of the newspaper El País and the bank BBVA.

I leave you two of his phrases:

«From adversity is what you learn the most» …

«You don’t know how strong you are, until being strong is your only option» …

Maysoon Zayid: « I have 99 problems and cerebral palsy is just one of them » 13’41 »
This video is pure motivation and whenever I watch it it moves me to tears (wow, I’m showing very vulnerable). I declare myself a fan of TEDx and I have seen many in Spanish and English. But this is definitely one of my favorites.

Maysoon Zayid is a GREAT woman and an example of strength and of overcoming the most adverse situations . It is the mirror of hope and change. It is the symbol of a woman’s strength to overcome herself and to help us improve our attitude against discrimination in all its facets.

I love this woman, because although she seems to have many things against her, she takes life with joy and philosophy and with incredible humor. The video reflects his great personality and charisma.

My advice: put the subtitles and enjoy this video.

Peter Dinklage: Don’t Wait Until It’s Late. 5’20 »
In this video it is a lesson in self-improvement and motivation. In it, GREAT actor Peter Dinklage tells us how he pursued and managed to make a name for himself as a world-famous actor.

He shows us in a few minutes how his strength, persistence and courage made him focus his life towards his goal of being an actor. And how he had to give up everything to get it.

This video contains wonderful and motivational phrases such as:

«That what you do in your life is to find you ..»

“Don’t bother telling the world that you’re ready, show it, do it …”

At the end of the video he quotes some phrases from the playwright Samuel Beckett(In this version the part that quotes the poet is edited), which says:

You tried and failed. It doesn’t matter, try again, fail again, fail better. The world is Yours”.

This phrase has become a “mantra” for many entrepreneurs. Although it must be clarified that Beckett was not exactly an example of optimism, but of persistence.

Inspiring Videos: Inspiring Movie Scenes
I wanted to end this post with 2 motivational and inspiring movie scenes for difficult moments . I know there are thousands of wonderful scenes in the cinema, but I have chosen these two, for two main reasons:

The first for my teaching profession at Aula CM and the second for the power of poetry in difficult times, which is the Leitmotiv of this post.

In both scenes, the protagonists give or receive a lesson in how to deal with tough and difficult times.

The Dead Poets Club: What will your verse be? 1’57 »
Club Dead Poets ( Dead Poets Society ) is a compendium of motivating and wonderful phrases . The film is a metaphor for life (no matter the time) and its contradictions. Of the confrontation between socially accepted method against disruption.

Beautifully performed by Robin Williams , it shows a teacher’s passion for teaching his students to see and act differently than everyone else thinks and to bring out the best in each other.

Personally, this movie marked me a lot. (At the beginning of this post, I told you that it is a very personal post). I saw the movie when I was 19 years old, while I was studying art and looking for what I wanted to be in life. And it certainly helped me to believe and work passionately for what I like.

The scene I have chosen is incredible (I also had a hard time deciding which one, since the whole movie is a gem). But here it is and it has phrases like these:

»We do not read and write poetry because it is beautiful. We read and write poetry because we belong to the human race. And the human race is full of passion »…

«Outside the powerful drama continues and that you can contribute with a verse» …

Coach Carter: Our biggest fear. 2’50 »
Based on the true story of basketball coach Ken Carter , the film tells the story of overcoming a group of marginalized students to get out of the dangerous life in which they were born. And that exit was sports.

The coach’s rigorous training and unorthodox methods paid off despite clashing with institutional academic rigor.

The success of the group consists of working as a team to achieve its goals (in this case sports and academic). And it beautifully stars Samuel J Jackson.

The film itself is an example of self- improvement, motivation, effort and teamwork. It is a collective effort to get ahead in difficult situations. (It reminds me a lot of the Aula CM team).

The scene I chose is very inspiring and I love it because it is the coach who receives the lesson from the students.

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