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7 benefits of using the HubSpot forms tool

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7 benefits of using the HubSpot forms tool

The construction of any customer acquisition strategy through an inbound methodology must be structured in 4 phases: attract visitors , convert them into database records , educate them in their decision process and, finally, make them take the step to finish buying our products / services.

The first phase, that of attracting leads, is one of the most important in this process. How can we make visitors who come to our website provide us with their contact information and become part of our database? The answer is found in the forms aimed at generating leads , a tool that allows us to easily convert visitors into leads.

Currently, there are many solutions of this type on the market that make it easier for us to create forms to capture those valuable leads . However, for us one of the best is undoubtedly HubSpot , as it is a tool that stands out for its versatility, robustness and ease of implementation.

In this article, I’m going to explain why HubSpot is the best tool for us to create forms that aim to capture leads. To prove it, I have put together a list of the top 7 benefits of creating forms with HubSpot.

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7 advantages of HubSpot forms
7 advantages of HubSpot forms
If we talk about inbound Bolivia Phone Number List, compliments to a tool like HubSpot do not stop happening one after another. It is a tool as complete as it is useful, which allows you to build a complete strategy without the need for technical knowledge of technology.

As I have already said, the lead capture phase is based on the creation of specific forms that allow us to increase the records of our database. HubSpot is for us the best tool to achieve this, and it is for these 7 reasons.

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1) It’s free!
HubSpot’s forms functionality is available from its free license, to grow with you as your marketing needs and processes become more complex. The difference lies in the level of functionality available.

If you are interested in more advanced licenses such as Professional or Enterprise, contact us to find out how we can help you get the most out of them.

2) It is associated with CRM (and you can integrate it with other software)
HubSpot offers a free CRM in which you can host up to 1 million contacts. A CRM is a software that allows you to manage your interactions with your database. In it you can define the properties that you are going to collect about your potential clients, and these properties can be used to create fields in the forms.

If you choose to work with another CRM, you can check here if you have a native integration between both systems or use a connector like Zapier to copy the information between portals.

3) Multiple formats to save costs
The vast majority of your recruitment needs will be covered with HubSpot forms, because you have several different formats to create your form. This allows you to save costs by replacing plugins or external tools such as Optinmonster, Sumome or ThriveLeads.

What options do you have available?

HubSpot form types

Embedded form . It is the most common format. Use a form as part of any website or landing page by adding its embed code. If you create your landing pages in HubSpot, this is the type of form to choose.

Independent page . Create a separate page with the form as the only element.

Pop-up box. Displays a form in a pop-up window when the page read, browse time, or exit attempt requirements are met.

Drop-down banner . The form will display at the top of the page when the time on page or percentage read requirements are met.

Sliding box . Instead of appearing at the top, the form appears in a module on the side of the page.

➡ Click here for the full HubSpot guide

4) Smart forms
Keep the user in mind when you create your forms and ask only for the information you really need. For example, if the user perceives that you are asking for too much information or especially sensitive information for what you are offering (an ebook, a free trial, a webinar …), what will happen is that they will not fill out the form.

To help you improve the user experience, HubSpot offers two very useful features in its forms:

Progressive fields in series . Replace the fields that a user has already completed in a previous form with a new set of fields, in order to better profile your contacts. For example, if you already know the country of your visitor, in his next form you will ask him about his sector of activity.
Dependent fields . Show one or more additional fields based on the user’s response to one of your fields. For example, if the user indicates that he works as an area manager in a company, you could show him a field to know the number of employees in his charge, while if he answers that he is a student, you would not show him this question.

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5) Go a step further with basic automation
Based on the HubSpot Starter licenses, the HubSpot form builder allows you to create a series of automated emails to keep in touch with the user after conversion. This allows you to implement your first basic Forex Email List automation flows and educate your leads to purchase.

HubSpot automation flows

6) Prepared for the GDPR
Your HubSpot portal comes with a section aimed at complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Within the forms you can easily activate the legal messages to inform the user of how you are going to use and process their personal information.

GDPR HubSpot forms

It is recommended that you confirm with your legal advisor the best way to comply with these regulations, but you have a proposal of standard texts within the tool that you can personalize with the name and informative links of your company.

7) Versatile
One of the things I like the most about HubSpot forms is their versatility. Not only do they allow you to generate leads or registrations for your business, but they can help you in other areas of the company.

Once you have become fluent in creating properties and forms, you can identify processes in which having a standardized input of information can be beneficial.

Talent : create forms to collect applications for your open positions.
Sales : create forms to collect the information of the clients won and transfer all the necessary information to the team in charge of the onboarding.
Customer Success : create forms to collect customer feedback about the processes, products or services they are using.
As you have seen, HubSpot forms are a very powerful tool . Whatever the level of digital maturity of your organization, they can help you structure the information you collect from your users and create one of the most important assets of any company, the database.

With HubSpot, it is not only very easy to implement an inbound marketing strategy, but it is also very easy to work these leads so that they end up buying your products. Thanks to all its tools, you will be able to make your leads go from 0 to 100 from one place , without having to use several platforms, which greatly simplifies the entire process.

Now all you have to do is get going and start creating your own forms in HubSpot with the aim of capturing your first leads, which will surely, sooner or later, end up becoming customers if you use the most appropriate strategy. Do you have any doubt left? I read you in comments!

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