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Brand posts that users naturally interact with can sometimes beat Instagram’s algorithms. There are some factors that influence a post’s ranking on the Instagram feed , and the good telephone number of likes and comments a post reaches is one of them. This is what is really important in a user’s feed : The number of likes and comments If the user has interacted with your content in the past How long has it been since you posted If your organic Instagram posts get interactions with your followers, create a positive feedback loop: the more people “like” and comment on, the more likely it is to appear in the “explore” tab, where your content appears. users you don’t follow. These are the 6 ways you can get more comments on Instagram:

1. Run a contest or giveaway
An easy and fun way to increase the followers who comment on your Instagram posts is to run a contest or giveaway. You can post on Instagram to promote the contest, and ask users to participate by commenting on the post. You can do it for a week, where users have to comment every day. You can even incorporate user-generated content by asking followers to post photos where they have to tag or mention you.


2. Take a takeover
The takeover of Instagram are a fun way to generate new content on your Instagram and working with colleagues and influencers. They are a smart way to generate more interactions as well. These consist of a user “taking over” a brand’s Instagram feed and stories, usually for a day, and publishing from that point of view. They are normally carried out: Another company within the sector These takeovers help you generate a lot of comments on Instagram regardless of whether they are made on your own account, or where the takeover is being done .

3. Ask your followers to interact in the comments
The simplest way to get comments on your Instagram is to ask for them. Post content on Forex Email List that lends itself to being shared, and ask users to answer a question, or to tag their friends in the comments. It’s a fun and easy way to engage with your audience, and it helps generate more comments as well.

4. Post something funny, surprising, or provocative
In a study on what makes content go viral, it was found that the most viral moments on the internet are those that provoke strong emotions. Among these were posts that created anticipation, that surprised the viewer, and that provoked curiosity and uncertainty. The emotions that incited feelings of joy were also the most common, so think about the content that you could share on Instagram that can make people feel some of the emotions that we just mentioned. It doesn’t have to be about your brand specifically, it has to be content that is enjoyed by the majority of the audience and that encourages people to comment.

5. Post videos
The time spent viewing videos on Instagram has increased by 40% since 2016, and now, users can post videos that are 1 minute long, or directly an IGTV. Post this type of content that encourages interaction with it, to encourage followers to stop looking at your feed and focus on watching your video, therefore it should be intriguing at best. Your audience wants more video content, especially on social media, so if you share something important and encourage your followers to comment, they will most likely do so.

6. Use relevant hashtags
When you post content with relevant and popular hashtags on Instagram, your post appears in searches for those hashtags in the “explore” tab. In fact, posts with at least one hashtag typically get more than 12% engagement. Influencers and interested users may write comments organically, when they see that you talk about topics in which they are also interested. You can always combine some of these strategies to generate interactions.

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