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Only 6 years ago, videos made up about 5.5% of the content of brands on Facebook.In 2020, it has tripled reaching 15% of the content of the brands in the largest cell number database network in the world.Of those videos, 71% were posted by accounts with more than 100,000 followers while pages with less than 100 followers posted less than 1% video content.But regardless of the number of followers your page has, these tips will help you make the video content you post on Facebook better.

# Tip 1: Listen to Facebook
Facebook tells you what it wants, so pay attention. More than a year ago, Facebook shared advice every time it updated the algorithm for videos. Some important ones were:Many views, even if they are from the same user, are prioritized over other videos in the user’s feed .Videos should capture the viewer’s attention for at least one minute. Videos that are longer than 3 minutes are given more weight.
Syndicating videos that are unoriginal or add no value should be limited as they can negatively affect your video page rankings.Even if this information is public, knowing it, and translating it into your video strategy on Facebook, will help your brand stay ahead. You should focus on what is catching the audience’s attention.


Tip # 2: Don’t underestimate the power of live While live versions of videos only make up 12% of videos posted on Forex Email List, they generate significantly higher engagement.According to studies, pages with less than 10,000 followers saw better interaction (73%) with live videos than with those recorded. Pages with between 10,000 and 100,000 experienced 54% engagement with lives, while for those with more than 100,000 followers, the live performed well, but did not have a significant difference.The length of the video also matters. Live shows that last 60 minutes have almost three times as much interaction as those that last less.Explore directing opportunities and recognize that you don’t have to start from scratch. You can always stream an event, conference, program, product launch, or brainstorm from your team. Many of these formats lend themselves to being longer videos, so make sure they are at least 60 minutes long.

Tip # 3: Go far and vertically
While the length of the video is important, so is the description of the video. Long descriptions hook viewers. The average interaction with a video of more than 300 characters is 0.39%, while those with 200 or less only have an interaction of more or less 0.20%.When you stretch, you should also be vertical, as Facebook audiences are more receptive with vertical videos. The interaction with this format is much greater than with those that are horizontal or square. This is because, according to Statista, 98% of users in April 2020 accessed the application via mobile.

# Tip 4: Upload your videos instead of sharing them
Many brands overlook this. Sharing a video from your YouTube page is not the same as uploading it directly to Facebook. Those that are uploaded directly have more reach and comments.Do not download the videos of others and upload them to your Facebook as “native videos” if you do not have the legal coverage to do so.

Tip # 5: Pay Attention to the Industry
While researching Facebook videos in general is helpful, you should also dig deeper into the industry.For example, in the fashion industry, it’s good to know that direct videos have a tremendous impact on interactions. While the industry average of total interactions is 0.32%, direct videos have almost 7 times more interactions. Although it sounds very contradictory in this article, do not take the Facebook video statistics as a manual to follow. Always keep an eye on how your audiences respond to what you post, how they consume videos, and what they expect from you. And also look at the competitors to see what they are doing and if it is working for them.

Tip # 6: Focus on the first 3 seconds
Although all the statistics we have given you today are a bit old, they are still valid today. Almost 2/3 of the people who watch the first 3 seconds of a video will stay to watch for at least the next 10 seconds.

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