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The importance of SEO There are so many tips and things to do to build your brand online that it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. This list that we present to you from buy mobile phone number lists Hunter is far from that, but every SEO advice we give you will improve the position of your brand in search engines, social platforms, and everything else.

1. Don’t think about the algorithm There are a lot of conflicting advice on Google’s algorithm and SEO. Many recommend not focusing on the algorithm at all. They prefer to create content solely for the audience, and the algorithm is a secondary thing. While it is true that the audience is important, what should you do to take account of the algorithm without being totally abducted by it? Produce high-quality content. The objective of these tips that we are giving on the blog are not only focused on creating value for the reader, but also focusing on the content being shared. Also, you should keep an eye out for Google algorithm updates. Keeping track of this doesn’t mean obsessing over every change they make. But it is advisable to be up to date, so that if the traffic drops, you can know why.


2. Consider the audience
Reaching your audience effectively is the main goal of SEO. But how can you take both into account?

Write about a wide range of topics within the same topic
Make the page easy for users, organized and interesting.
Know your audience, know their needs, and satisfy them.
Think long-term, the experience that consumers have has an impact on the likelihood that they will return.
Find the pages that work best and analyze why they are the best.
Answer questions they have, even before they ask.
Keep the content updated, interesting and easy to interact with.
Become an authority.

3. Start optimizing by voice
According to sources, optimizing for voice assistants will be essential as users adapt to new technologies.Although there are statistics such as “50% of searches will be done through voice assistants in 2020” are not very relevant, it is true that there is a clear movement towards that. For example, a recent study found that 57% of people prefer to speak to their Forex Email List assistant, while 34% write and speak equally. Only 9% write exclusively their doubts. A major factor holding back the amount of utilization is a lack of confidence. But as technology companies take care of this lack of trust on the part of users, trust in users grows, and so does utilization. The 40% of participants in a study conducted by Microsoft, said he tried to make a purchase using their voice through both digital assistant as a smart home speaker . When you start optimizing by voice, it is important to remember that voice searches are longer than those by text. They also usually include questions.

4. Use social networks
Although at the moment it is not completely clear how many social platforms impact SEO, Google has begun to recognize the results in searches in networks as a factor in its rankings. It is important to remember that when you publish on social networks, the interactions and people who share your content will also improve SEO results: The bigger your presence on social networks, the more your brand awareness and SEO rankings will benefit . The “about us” section must be completed correctly. This includes using words and phrases that clearly describe your business and industry so that users can find your business. Also, try to interact with active followers. This signal helps Google know that what you offer is a valuable resource.

5. Use videos
Google and other search engines have increased the value of video content in their algorithms. In addition, Google has increased the number of video responses they give to questions asked in their search box. Follow Google’s instructions to make your videos easy for users to find. When you implement videos as part of your SEO strategy, you will see a huge difference in traffic over time. Using videos should also increase conversions and improve your “churn” rate, both of which are good for search rankings. While there are some exaggerated statistics about how likely your video is to be shared, there is real evidence that videos are shared more often. Therefore, videos can bring new customers to your page.

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