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If you want to know how to get better results with your content on Facebook Ads, this will interest you. There is a lot of talk about the power of visual content, both to attract attention and to generate interactions with your audience. With the content of Facebook ADS you can increase the sales of your e-commerce.Even so, with the rise of visual-only social purchase phone number lists such as Instagram or Pinterest, visual marketing went from being a good thing to having something necessary.Without high-quality visual content, there is no brand presence on some of the major platforms. While you can promote links and texts on these networks, anything that is “non-visual” can go unnoticed.While videos are important, simply posting videos is not enough. All brands are doing that, and the consumer’s eye is already very accustomed to attention-grabbing images by now.

What you need is to stand out, something that is getting more and more difficult. What can you do to develop a more effective visual marketing strategy? It’s all about naivety and experience, but here are some ideas we have at Roas Hunter to get you started:

1. Turn your images on networks into works of art
Make your images in Facebook Ads campaigns impossible to lose, it’s as simple as that. But how to do that?Luckily, there are tools for this, so it is quite doable. There are mobile applications that are incredibly easy to use. You don’t have to spend hours figuring out how to use super advanced photo editing tools, and still the result is unique and creative. Also, many are free and will help you get better results and increase sales on Facebook ads.


2. Plasma your brand in the images
People are generally very visual. Our mind relies heavily on images and visualizations, which makes visual marketing so effective on Facebook campaigns.Through the creation of visual content, images make any information easier to remember, and here is the true Forex Email List of visual marketing.Visual content makes your brand more memorable and recognizable, which in the long term, generates a better CTR and higher conversions in Facebook Ads campaigns.The branding of your creatives is an important step, and despite that you cannot make all your images revolve around you and your brand, since this way your audience will lose interest quickly.

Having said that: Use a recognizable color palette
Position your brand in an interesting and creative context
Make sure that each individual asset contributes to a coherent narrative that you want to associate with your brand

3. Put a twist on your images everywhere
If your branding is consistent across all your platforms, take your strategy to another level. Join all of them with a single image to improve the results of your Facebook Ads campaigns.This creates the illusion that your brand is everywhere, and ensures that your audience remembers you well. If a client sees an image on FB, clicks on it, and sees the same image on the landing page, or when they search for you on Google, it will make it fit better in their mind.In this way, using visual branding that is not intrusive, makes users more confident in the brand and increases its recognition on different platforms, which in the long run will increase sales with your Facebook ads.

This can be done in a number of ways:

Reusing social media images on your page
Using the same image through different channels
Apply the basics of image SEO when posting to your page or social media channels.

4. Covers visual advertising
You need to correctly perform all the above steps to be able to do this right. You have to create visual creatives, capture your brand in a non-intrusive way, use it in different channels and then start investing in visual advertising.

Other innovative options that are emerging are for example Unsplash advertising that focuses on changing the perception of the brand, and building associations with the brand more than clicks and visits.Your digital content can improve your results in the promotional tactics that you are currently implementing on Facebook, including traffic generation, SEO, increased sales, etc …The best part of visual marketing is that it never ends. You always have something to innovate, try new tools, and discover new tactics in order to stay current.

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