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5 tips for creating Instagram videos that stand out

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5 tips for creating Instagram videos that stand out

Those of us who talk about social networks, marketing and other issues related to the digital world rarely agree. And it is that one of the pillars of digital marketing – caused by the democratization of the network – is that the unification of criteria is not a necessity or an objective. We do not have to reach agreements, because the variety of recipes for obtaining Romania Phone Number List objectives in the digital world creates opportunities for everyone. However, there are two things that most of us professionals agree on: (i) mobile devices are key in today’s digital ecosystems and (ii) video is the best available format to generate content. No one doubts when affirming that both statements mark the present and the future of marketing digital. In this article we will not talk about the current importance of mobile phones or the marketing actions aimed at these devices . Here, we will focus on the second aspect: the marked preference of users for consuming video content. Video marketing – the name we professionals give to this trend – is one of the keys to attracting and retaining the attention of audiences on social networks. Today, from video content, you can build communities, increase levels of interaction and produce transactions. Unfortunately, many brands have not realized this and continue to appeal to traditional content, those that little surprise and are lost in the middle of the ocean of information that circulates.

Now, it is worth clarifying that we are not saying that the only type of content that should be published on social networks is video. Not! That would be a misinterpretation of what we want to convey. Our intention with this publication is to insist that business leaders work on the creation of video content and that they begin to give this type of content a leading role within the editorial line of each social network, because the mix of formats it is still important to achieve high levels of involvement. Video as a format to leverage engagement on Instagram
According to a study by the firm Forrester Research , Instagram is the social platform most susceptible to involvement. In this social network, having a poor result in interactions makes presence contribute little and wear a lot. In itself, what the research affirms is that it is impossible to sustain an activity on Instagram if good levels of interaction are not achieved. In a scenario of low audience involvement, the platform’s contribution to the business would be almost nil.


This is where the video appears as a savior. It is metrically proven that videos for Instagram provide excellent engagement rates. Video content reaches a volume of comments and reactions much higher than the rest of the formats. In other words, using video in the editorial line and giving it a large portion of total publications could quickly increase the involvement of the community and, consequently, the results obtained on Instagram.This chain of events – the use of video increases interactions, the increase in interactions improves engagement and, as engagement improves, better results are obtained on Instagram – could have its origin in another matter on which we professionals agree of marketing : the massification of mobiles. Today users prefer to consume the Forex Email List world through their devices and the format that best suits them is video – although currently the podcast has entered the competition with great force. This causal relationship, in which video owes its popularity to mobile phones, is not accepted by some; but many of us – including ourselves – find it convincing. For all the reasons described above, we believe that video is today one of the best leverage mechanisms to succeed on Instagram. Obviously, it is not the only one, because there are other pieces of management that enhance performance on this platform; but it is an excellent starting point to develop an outstanding activity.

The 5 tips to succeed on Instagram using videos
We have already exposed the relevance and impact of video as a format for content. We have no doubts about its importance and contribution to the results on Instagram. Now, let’s focus on cracking the keys to creating videos that attract and retain the community’s attention. Next, we will present five critical aspects to produce videos that bring us closer to digital success:

1. Sound adds a lot to video
A video without sound is like a pixelated image. Audio plays a very important role for video to achieve high levels of visibility. But not for technical aspects or related to the Instagram algorithm, but for its contribution to the user experience when consuming the content. Voices, narrations, music, or just the ambient sound captured in the recording add emotionality to the message. Don’t miss the opportunity to shock your audience with sound. Provide feelings or intentions from the audio. Planning this accompaniment to the video images and protecting their quality is a part that cannot be neglected during the recording and production of content.

2. Take care of the image quality
We are not here to tell you that you should buy a professional camera or hire a video production company. That would be a requirement that would take you away from creating content on this medium. What’s more, we believe that the most attractive of the current videos that circulate on social networks is that clear trend towards the amateur appearance . However, we do want to advise you that you should work hard to improve image quality. Protecting it is also taking care of the essence of the message. Good recording and editing practices are worth reading and researching; the use of filters or processing tools; and the appropriate dimensions and resolution for Instagram.

3. Always opt for simplicity
Instagram users are eager to receive and consume simple and honest videos from brands. The important thing is not to create high-level videos, but sequences that produce emotions, that tell stories and that bring the audience closer. Companies must seek new narratives to interact with their followers, and these must include concrete messages and be easy to follow. Simplicity should also be taken as a call to create short videos – remember that Instagram only allows videos of up to sixty seconds in its feed and up to fifteen in its stories – with agile transitions and in a language understandable to all audiences.

4. Plan the production aspects
Good videos are those that leave no loose ends for recording, editing and distribution. Corporate content managers need to incorporate some production basics into their arsenal of competencies to create outstanding videos. Which are the most important? The first and most basic is the definition of the objective of the video; then the technical aspects of recording — such as shot angles, focus, framing, and lighting — and finally guides them through editing. Yes, we know it sounds very professional, but it is not. We reiterate that the idea is not to become obsessed with the professionalization of video, but to pay attention to the production and experiment with its associated concepts to find an attractive mix for the audience. In addition, taking care of these production aspects, distracting elements or distorting the message will be prevented from entering the scene. The success of a video begins with its planning, goes through its production and is enhanced by distribution.

5. Never neglect the little details
Once the video is ready to be uploaded to Instagram, what follows is to get the most out of it. To do this, it is recommended to choose well the screenshot and the descriptive text that will be used in the publication. The cover will serve to produce interest, curiosity and expectation in the audience —to increase the reproductions— and the text will complement the message that is transmitted in the video. It is also worth adding subtitles, as many people watch the videos without audio and prefer to follow the story by reading the subtitles. Additionally, do not rule out using the video on other social networks or creating a specific one for each of them. This with the intention of increasing the visibility of the message to be transmitted.

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