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What is the conversion rate in marketing? The conversion rate in digital marketing is the percentage of users who have telephone number list the desired action on your website, social network, email campaign or other digital platforms.

These actions can be:

Product purchase
Subscription to the service
Download a resource
And much more
The formula that determines the conversion ratio is:

Number of visitors who have converted / number of people who visit the website x 100


Conversions in digital marketing campaigns offer a vision of the performance of a campaign, and also give you measurable results for your business.Conversion rates can also indicate that there are Forex Email List problems with the user’s online experience. Low ratios sometimes result because the “customer journey” is not well designed, or the information is not transparent. For example, 25% of shoppers abandon the cart because the final price ends up being much higher than what is initially displayed.

In some way, conversion rates are a measure of the quality of the online business:

They indicate how well your marketing strategy is working
They point to potential problems in the “consumer journey”
They save the company money that could be wasted on continuing to invest in poorly designed strategies.
Decision makers can use their insights to refine the consumer journey through the funnel with the goal of increasing conversion rates even further.

How do we increase the conversion rate?
1. Create compelling and compelling content
Content marketing is the present and the future. Having quality and relevant content is something that we always insist a lot on at Roas Hunter , since it is useful to generate leads and bring traffic to your page from people who are interested in what you offer. In addition to increasing conversion rates, quality content can also:

Increase interactions
Decrease the bounce rate
Increase rankings on search pages
Content that is both unique and valuable increases the level of trust in your brand, products and services. Building trust is the best way for your users to convert in the long term.In 2020 more than ever, well-written and original content will push you higher in search engine rankings. These rankings directly affect your organic traffic, and therefore, conversions.

2. The importance of videos
The 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after seeing a video of this.Videos have proven to be a useful tool for more than one step in the funnel , as it helps to optimize:

The desire for the product
Confidence in giving us useful information
Conversions by showing the product or service, reinforcing the consumer’s purchase intention.
If you are thinking of adding videos to your digital marketing strategy this 2020, here are some of the trends that we recommend you follow:

360-degree videos for a more intense experience
Videos from which to buy, for more authentic interactions
Interactive videos to increase engagement
In addition, 68% of users prefer to watch videos as a way to learn about the product or service, which makes them 4 times more popular than other formats such as articles.

3. Don’t ignore the power of emails
Email marketing keeps your leads aware of the existence of your brand, creates stronger connections, and also pushes them with attractive offers, thus reinforcing the purchase intention.

To get the most out of this and increase conversions, your business needs to have attention-grabbing emails.


With interactive content
Using a very personal tone and format
Emphasizing incentives
4. Insist on the sense of urgency or FOMO
FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out, is a very effective motivator when it is presented correctly, choosing the words well. This technique is totally timeless.

Using terms like “available for a limited time” or “last chance” can speed up user action and is a valuable trick for conversions as they create a sense of urgency.

Some techniques you can use are:

Show stock levels (if you are an e-commerce)
Using countdown and the concept of “running out of time”
Highlight opportunities that have already been missed
Limit free shipping
Make exclusive offers
5. Insist that users return to abandoned carts
Customers frequently abandon the cart, making this a leading cause of missed conversions.

One way to avoid this is to reach out to those consumers who abandoned you and motivate them to complete the purchase. This can be done with the following: Remarketing Using tools to remind customers that they abandoned the cart Creating specific audiences for those who abandon the cart

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