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5 (real) products designed for bacon lovers

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5 (real) products designed for bacon lovers

There are few topics on the internet for which there is a general consensus of approval. One of them is about how delicious bacon can be in all its crunchiness. This unbridled love of pork – which is shared in many cultures globally – has resulted in EL Salvador Mobile Number List countless specialty items that fall within the limits of sanity. From toys and personal hygiene to technology and apps, the world’s disproportionate taste for bacon has served as a raw material for companies that have put creativity and ingenuity into harnessing these resources, transforming them into unique collectibles for lovers of bacon.

Brother cell phone list magazine we present you 5 highlights: The Das Foods company developed this special smoked bacon and maple syrup flavored popsicles, which according to their description, are ideal for dessert as they contain “your favorite food group: bacon”.This toy created by the Think Geek team can still be found for sale on portals such as Amazon.com. The quirky toy talks and Brother Cell Phone List its mouth along with the phrase “I’m bacon” when its body is squeezed, ideal for children 3 years and up. For the company J & D’s this is not the strangest thing they have launched on the market since they have a history of bacon-flavored condoms. However, this pillow to dream all night with a plate of crispy pork is ideal for the most extreme fans of the product. Considering that some people love the scent of bacon, others may enjoy carrying it on their bodies at all times. For that reason, Think Geek made available a peculiar soap loaded with all the aroma of the fat of the belly of the pig, ideal to whet the appetite of your work colleagues simply by saying hello in the morning. Brother cell phone list success of Oscar Mayer’s campaign was – in addition to his award-winning commercial – in this fun app for iOS devices, which consists of a frying pan that wakes you up with the sound of bacon being fried over low heat. Ideal for people who work with electronic parts or for reviewing newspapers and documents (among other things).A basic and essential coffee heater that, at the same time, brother cell phone list provides another extra connection port so as not to interrupt your activities.

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