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To find good content ideas, you must put yourself in the shoes of the buyer persona and think like your consumers.Although this is good advice, it is not as easy as it sounds. You cannot put yourself in the shoes of the buyer person or think like your name of customer using mobile number unless you dedicate yourself to research and try to understand them well.That’s why at Roas Hunter we show you the least used and least obvious channels, and the necessary resources to create content that works well for your audience.

1. The job description
You can search for a person who generates good content using job search platforms. The job description can include titles or roles. Use them to further investigate who can generate useful content for your brand and who cannot.A job description can reveal key responsibilities, KPIs, and who they should report to within the organization.Based on this detailed information, you can find the right person to generate content and achieve the KPIs of your organization.


2. Industry leaders on Linkedin
LinkedIn continues to players key industry who are active on LinkedIn. What they share and write many times reflects their latest insights into the industry.Read the comments to identify which are the “hottest” topics and create content around them.Also, if the opinion of someone who comments is valuable for your content, ask them if it is okay for them to publish it, defending their position.

3. Business calls
Join your sales team for the next demo or Forex Email List . Listen to what frustrates and annoys people, and write down the key words for this. Be especially attentive to the language they use. Develop content that includes all those words and speaking styles, and create copies that focus on solving those problems and frustrations.

Even better, you can create a list of questions to ask these customers as a mini market study. For example:

How did you find our product / service?
Do you like the way we work?
What problem were you trying to solve? Has it been fixed?
What tools do you use today?
Members of the sales team can even come up with a series of “warm-up” questions before asking more specific ones.Each response to these reveals an opportunity to develop tailor-made content for your clients.

4. Customer service
The next diamond in the rough is the customer service team. These are the ones who have the closest contact with customers, and collect many insights from them. Obviously, you can’t listen to every team interaction with customers, but you can use tools to help you gather information.For example, turn on notifications from the customer service chatbot. Questions from your consumers, and the answers your company gives, will be sent directly to your inbox. The information you collect is a good basis for the content related to the product, the FAQ section, and the tutorials.

5. Webinars
Interactive webinars are a good way to pursue content ideas, as hosts often use tools prior to conducting them that help them understand attendees better.If you go further, you can use the webinar registration forms, to divide the attendees into groups according to their most specific interests, and make talks made specifically for those topics. And also, it is recommended that you use the same words as these so that the content that you think is related is optimized in search ( SEO ).Bonus: Develop fresh content Finding out what content your audience wants and needs is no easy task. But if it is easier if you follow these five less common tactics, which will also give your content the opportunity to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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