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The concept of ABM ( Account Based Marketing ) was introduced by ITSMA in 2003. Its first appearance was in Google Trends in 2013. In recent years, the number of ABM software companies has exploded, along with agencies that specialize in this, and free belgium phone number companies that have adopted ABM programs. From Roas Hunter , we show you 5 interesting statistics to take into account with this type of marketing. A study by Ascend2 asked 261 marketers about their experience with this program. In this article we tell you 5 statistics that were taken from this study, which are interesting to take into account.

1. 34% of marketers are planning to use ABM in the future
Only 22% of companies admit to having a measurable ABM strategy. The other 14% are developing a pilot program, and the remaining 34% are planning to implement it in the future. Although ABM has gone through dramatic growth, it still has a lot to evolve. If you feel like you are late to start an ABM program, you are wrong. In fact, it is the perfect time, as there are many more tools available, projects to follow, and experts who can assist you.


2. 65% of professionals describe their ABM strategy as quite successful.
If you are a B2B company with difficult sales, ABM works. About two-thirds of marketers describe their marketing strategy as quite successful in achieving the goals set for it. Entrepreneurs with companies that follow very sophisticated strategies represent 22% of those surveyed, therefore we can conclude that the ABM works.

3. 37% find it difficult to obtain a budget and resources for the ABM strategy
Aligning  Forex Email List and sales is also one of the biggest difficulties for 32% of respondents. They recognize that the two work in harmony is essential to the success of an ABM program. Another obstacle for 29% is the quality of the data obtained. Don’t underestimate the importance of aligning marketing and sales. Both groups need to work together to determine what content to produce, how to improve the quality of data and statistics, etc …

4. LCV is the most important piece of information to understand and collect from an account, according to 41% of respondents ABM relies on the use of statistics and data to personalize the experiences of those who are the target of the strategy. But what are the data that we should pay more attention to? Account lifetime customer value and financial information are very important when we collect data and track ABM, according to 41% of respondents.

5. The number 1 metric to measure ABM’s success is revenue.
Measuring ROI for ABM is essential for success. Metrics based on account level, such as account revenue, or account interactions, are the easiest way to measure the success of an ABM program according to 44% and 42% of respondents, respectively.

How to launch your ABM marketing program: Do your homework and formalize the plan before you start. Download the Account-Based Marketing Approach report , or other studies, and read related articles to prepare. Set goals so everyone knows what is meant by success and works together to achieve them. Identify high priority accounts Develop a profile of decision makers and influencers that you need to interact with your objective accounts. Create content necessary to interact with your target accounts and their contacts.

Choose the right channels and tactics
Choose the appropriate technology
Plan and execute campaigns
Measure, analyze and optimize the program

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