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If you have a product or service, it is likely that you already have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition, which in Spanish translates to value proposition), even if you are not quite sure what it is. Your USPs are all the things about your product or service that make it mobile phone directory australia free different and make it stand out from the competition. It is important to define what they are and end up having two or three to focus on. Doing this allows you to signal that it is your product and helps you communicate your brand identity to consumers. But how can you promote this brand identity using USPs? At Roas Hunter we show you 4 ways to do it:

1. Define what makes you different with your USP
The first thing you should do is sit down and write down everything that makes your product or service unique . The trick here is not to think too much when making the initial list, and to put the first thing that comes to mind. It can be something small and seemingly insignificant that is actually key to your USP. This will work even better if you do it with a group of partners. It will allow you to collect more ideas faster. In this type of “compilation” the quantity of ideas is more important than the quality of these. The objective is to generate as many perspectives as possible, to later be able to evaluate them and shorten the list to quality ideas. In the next step, you want to find just two or three USPs that really cover your business. This will help you promote brand identity throughout the consumer journey.


What is the perspective of your audience?
What makes your product or service stand out from the competition?
What needs does your product or service satisfy?
You should put the USPs in order of importance, so that everyone in your business always knows which one to focus on the most, and in what order.

The final step is to communicate to the organization what the USPs are, and make sure that everyone at all levels is aware of them.

2. Narrow your audience
You should not try to impress everyone who sees your product or service. That can only lead to disappointment. The harsh reality is that your product is not going to appeal to everyone, and if you try to make it sound like, the only thing you will do is disappoint people once they have bought your brand. Disappointed customers become naysayers and will Forex Email List drive current and potential customers away from your brand. Instead, think of a specific group or groups that can benefit from the USP that you defined in the first step. One of the easiest ways to do this is with segmentation. This will help you identify the buyer persona and decide which one you have to prioritize when you are marketing your USP. Your goal in this step is to find the customer segment that identifies with your brand. Therefore, by defining the USP and prioritizing certain consumers, you will see that you can promote your brand identity with them. Thus, you can market your brand identity to customers who, on the one hand, buy your products and services, and on the other, promote your brand as part of their identity.

3. Meet the needs of your audience
Now that we have identified and prioritized the USPs, and chosen the audience, it is time to make your business stand out. The important thing here is not to sell yourself as the best, or to point out the failures of the competitors. What you have to do is make your business stand out and stand out from all the others. If you’ve found what makes you different, you need to make sure that the way you sell this carries a message. And this has to apply to all the channels you use for marketing: from posting something on the brand’s Instagram, posting articles, or even using the email messaging service.

4. Make your brand bigger than your product
The vision and values ​​of your company matter a lot. If you want to have a successful business, it is imperative to establish this. These have to be the laws that everyone in the company abides by, and they should flow through current and potential customers. The values ​​of the company are the fundamental piece for the success and the perception of the brand by the consumer, as much or more than the products or services it sells. Customers typically align themselves with the identity of those brands that have values ​​similar to their personal ones.

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