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Remember when you could write an amazing blog post, attach the link with an image, share it on social media, and watch your traffic increase?The old ways of promoting content no buy phone number database malaysia work. With organic reach dwindling faster and faster, you need ways to promote blog content effectively, without having to pay for it.At Roas Hunter , we show you 4 effective and unconventional ways to promote blog content on social media, without having to pay.

1. Use Facebook Live
It’s no secret that reaching people with organic content on Facebook is difficult. Unless you have millions of fans, your organic reach is going to be very small. What can you do then?One of the least used methods of promoting content on Facebook is live video. The way to promote blog posts is very easy, just make a direct and advertise it. By doing so, a notification is sent to all your followers and fans even if the video is only a couple of minutes long.To do this, show pictures and talk about the key points of the post. Ask viewers to come to your page and keep reading, or to implement the points you made.Even if you only get a small percentage of your audience to see the live, other members can click on the notification to see the delayed version.


2. Create static videos on Facebook
If producing live videos isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Standard Facebook videos are still more effective at capturing organic traffic than text or image text. Most of the content consumed on Forex Email List is video. That format generates the highest number of interactions of all post types.Take your blog post and turn it into a short video highlighting the key points of it. For example, if the article is “5 tips for …”, show each tip in succession in a short video. The curiosity of the viewer will make them click on it to read it in more detail. One tip is not to tell everything about your blog in the video. Use it to encourage viewers to enter your page.

3. Make Instagram Stories
The number of users on Instagram (800 million per month) is already reason enough to convince you that this platform is an incredible place to promote your content.One of the best ways to promote your content on Instagram to have maximum interactions is to use the “stories” tool. With stories, you can add a link to one of the “slides” to lead people to your content directly without leaving the app.What you can do for your content in the future, is to share it on the Instagram feed as a new post first, and then turn it into a story, by adding the link to the blog entry with the “See more” tab.When users swipe up , they will be taken to your latest blog post without leaving the app, pushing them to stay and reducing the bounce rate.

This way of integrating content is a great advantage when promoting on Instagram. Instead of telling people to go to the bio link, they can go directly from the stories.

4. Use Snapchat
Snapchat? Didn’t Instagram banish Snapchat?

Yes and no. While there are more active users on Instagram, Snapchat remains king in terms of daily use and interactions. The time users have spent on Snapchat in the last month has grown by almost 20%, and they spend an average of 32 minutes a day in the app.

Although it only has 300 million monthly users, Snapchat is five times more effective than Twitter and 10 times more effective than LinkedIn in interactions with users. Plus, you spend the same time watching content from both friends and brands.One of the best ways to promote a new item on Snapchat is by using the “stories” feature where you can display a piece of content. Using it can help you drive organic traffic directly to your page. If your promotional content gets a high number of interactions, you may even be listed on the “Discover” page (the “Explore” of Snapchat).

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