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The content you engage is fun to create, but the process from start to finish can be time consuming, and even a bit annoying at times. Tools are needed to manage these types of tasks, and from Roas Hunter we are going to show you what they are. When you decide to invest more time and resources in new content, you realize that it is not an easy task. You must first define the mobile no search australia strategy for organic content. In the past companies focused on more traditional approaches to creating SEO content, but as search engine algorithms develop, so must content marketing.

Now, it has moved to a cluster model of topics in content development. In these, content is created from a wide umbrella of topics using a main page as the main hub. Then we create more specific content for more specific topics that fall under the “general” topic on the main page. This requires turning the content structure around and rethinking the content development process. Here are 4 useful tools to build a strong foundation in the new content development process:


Tool 1: Search Insights Report Search Insights Report can help you define the initial focus of your topic grouping. By using this tool, you can identify relevant keywords and also organize your content into topic groupings. With this, you will learn to create an outline for an organized and well-planned content creation process. There is no doubt that the Search Insights Report tool will help the development of your content positively.

Tool 2: Content Inventory
Even if your team has created a lot of good content in the last few years, you may be guilty of using content with a “think and fet” mentality as we say in Valencia. The content grouping  Forex Email List forces you to rethink how you are structuring the content of the web, and that may involve updating existing content. This will lead you to create a content inventory and audit it, to see which has been very successful, and which can be improved.

Tool 3: Create a writing style guide
A style guide is useful for both small and large marketing teams to ensure that everyone is creating content that aligns with the values ​​and objectives of the company. It also assists external content writers in content production. By offering this guide to the writers, you give them a line to follow in editing the content, and also show them your expectations from the beginning. In addition to that, you anticipate frequently asked questions that they may have about writing, and they make sure to avoid mistakes and corrections, therefore both parties win.

Tool 4: Content Calendar
This tool takes commitment! And honestly, that’s kind of the point. You can use Search Insights Report to give you a starting point depending on what content you want to create, but when it comes to project supervision, it is better to use a spreadsheet as it will be more functional. Something that can help you manage this is the Airtabl e tool . By using different elements of the content calendar templates, you can create a more organized project, and keep track of it more easily.

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