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4 simple tips to transform your copies into FB Ads

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4 simple tips to transform your copies into FB Ads

If you are stuck with your copies, or if you have ads published and you are not satisfied with their information numbers list performance, you can use these tactics to increase your CTR or Click Through Rate, reduce your CPL or Cost Per Click , and improve your performance in general.

1.1 Attention: You should start with something that grabs the attention of your audience. An easy way to do that is to start with a question to which the answer is: yes; or make the person inside think: yes, that’s me! The key is to ask a question that grabs your audience’s attention and elicits an emotional response.

1.2 Interest: Once the headline has captured their attention, you should maintain that attention by generating interest. This is where an emotional connection with the audience must be established. The most important thing here is NOT to list the advantages or attributes of what you are trying to sell. This is where you must provide a solution to your problem. Convince customers that they need this product or service.


1.3 Wish: This is where you must convince users that you, or your brand, are the solution to their problems. That is, not only are these products or services the solution to their problems, but your solution is the optimal solution. Some advertisers like to be more drastic and push people to buy using time or stock as a tool: “Sale ends tomorrow” or “Last units.” 1.4 Action: Push customers to take action and / or buy. This is done through the CTA or Call to action (SHOP NOW, LEARN MORE…). It is imperative that any marketing performance has a CTA.

FACEBOOK ADS Here is an example of a video ad using the AIDA method to construct the speech:

2. Omit everything that is not 100% necessary for your copy
The important thing here is once the copy is written , go over it again and omit anything you consider Forex Email List  unnecessary.If a word or phrase doesn’t need to be there, or doesn’t meet the goal of the ad , delete it. Ask yourself if you really need to include that phrase, or if it just fattens the ad . If so, skip it.

3. Focus on the reader
When you’re writing copy, it’s easy to get into the habit of writing the words “he,” or “we,” or “we.” For example: “I just created X and I think you will love it.” In the end, instead of writing for an audience, we ended up telling them how awesome we are and how great our offering is. This will hurt the performance of your ads. Concentrate on addressing the reader as if you were sitting in front of them.

4. Review the copies
Although this sounds simple enough, once you try it, you will realize how effective it is in improving your writing. What you should do is write the copy, and then read it out loud. It should sound like something that would actually come out of your mouth. If it sounds weird, or contains words that your brand would never use, or very serious and boring, change it.

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