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4 out of 10 users willing to share their data in exchange for discounts

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4 out of 10 users willing to share their data in exchange for discounts

Privacy has a price. This is considered by 40% of those surveyed by Acquity Group, who showed their willingness to share the personal information provided by their connected devices, in exchange for some type of discount or coupons. As an example, 60% would provide information about their vehicle in exchange for benefits such as a free inspection. At the height of the internet of things , it is true that the concern on the poland phone number directory part of users about the processing of their data has been increasing; On the other hand, when there are economic incentives involved, this protective eagerness, let’s say, is notably relaxed. According to the survey, where about 2,000 consumers participated, 80% of those surveyed expressed their concern about the privacy of their information; Furthermore, 57% affirmed that the special vulnerability of security in the case of wearable devices makes them grow suspicious of using such devices.


For this reason, only 9% of those surveyed would share their wearable data disinterestedly; without asking for any type of incentive or reward in return. This same situation was reflected in the Intent HQ study , which is summarized in an appeal to companies to be honest and transparent about the treatment and collection of their customers’ data. Your data reflects a willingness on the part of customers to share their Forex Email List , as long as they receive something in return. It is a kind of negotiation, where both parties benefit. 59% of those surveyed would agree to provide this valuable information, in exchange for personalized offers and proposals. We are at the gates of the internet of things revolution. Acquity’s survey indicates that 30% of respondents plan to purchase one of these smart devices for their home in the next 2 years. Be it electric thermostats, vacuum cleaners or a refrigerator. In principle, 7% of those surveyed already have one of these devices, a proportion that will double next year, and will reach 28% in 2016. In the case of wearables themselves, the current adoption rate is higher. 13% of the study participants plan to use a device next year to record their evolution while practicing their favorite sport; a percentage that will rise to 33% in the next 5 years.

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