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When you search belgium contact number  images for the word telecommuting, you will find photos that will tell you fascinating stories about this style of work. For example, you may find a picture of a woman relaxing on the sand on the beach carefree, with her laptop by her side. Or you may find a man entering a video call, high on a mountain after an intrepid hike. You may even find an image of a telecommuter who moves to the moon and works from there simply so he doesn’t have to see his colleagues again. Obviously, this is not the reality of teleworking for the vast majority. Many of us are understanding what it is, due to the global pandemic of COVID 19. You may like it more or you like it less, but the reality is that it is simply a different way of working and relating. That is why from Roas Hunter, we want to explain the 4 myths of telework that should be left behind.

Myth 1: Telecommuters are lazy and hardly work
When you are working remotely, your office colleagues and superiors have no idea what you are doing at all times. The fact that telecommuters are not sitting next to their bosses or colleagues, skeptics conclude that they are working less than other employees who cannot be ‘distracted’ so easily in the office. Time and again, this theory has been disproved. In fact, many remote workers confirm that they work longer hours than office workers, who stop short once they leave the job. In addition, many admit that despite working longer hours a day, being more flexible hours they find that they are more productive and less distracted than in an office.



Myth 2: Telecommuting is very lonely
Since remote workers do not work in a space full of cubicles and other employees, people often think that they do not like to talk to others and that they do not know how to work in a team. Meanwhile, some who would be interested in telecommuting worry about not  Forex Email List real connections with people. But working remotely, you learn the importance of staying in constant contact with the team about your achievements, challenges, and priorities. Even if you can’t go to your colleague’s desk when you have a question, if you intend to maintain fluid communication with the rest of your team, you will succeed. And more today with the technological facilities that exist. Staying visible and continuing to socialize with other employees, you should try to connect with your team in a virtual way, be it having coffee through a video call, or simply asking them regularly how they are doing. This facilitates stable and strong relationships with other team members, if you don’t go to the office normally.

Myth 3: It’s easier to balance your personal and professional life
When you think of someone working from home, you might imagine him doing a few chores at his job, then taking care of his kids, or cleaning the house or making dinner for the family. Actually, people who take telecommuting very seriously sit at their desks during their workday and avoid any distractions.

Myth 4: You can’t manage a team if you’re telecommuting.
If more traditional employers can be more skeptical about hiring remote workers that they can’t control, imagine how they feel about managers. In fact, one of the biggest myths that has been dismantled in recent years is that managers cannot telecommute. At Roas Hunter, we are all telecommuting. Even people who manage teams, big or small. Today it can be said that team performance is not affected because people with positions in higher ranks manage teams virtually. And this is the case for the majority of companies affected by the COVID 19 crisis.

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