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35 Tools to Improve Your Marketing on Twitter

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35 Tools to Improve Your Marketing on Twitter

I have created this selection of 35 tools to improve your Marketing on Twitter effectively, which I hope will be very useful for your Marketing campaigns. I have chosen the tools that I use to measure my Twitter marketing campaigns from different points of view and that I think will be very useful for you.

35 Tools for Strategic Marketing on Twitter

This selection of 35 Tools to improve your Marketing strategy on Twitter is no coincidence. They come from my research on how to optimize my campaigns and I hope that like me, they will help you improve your reach and meet your marketing goals on Twitter.

These tools and applications have been so successful that Twitter itself has acquired some such as Tweetdeck and has released its own applications and tools such as Twitter Analytics, Twitter Cards and Twitter Ads.

In our Community Manager courses at Aula CM , we see more than 60 tools to do New Zealand B2B Phone List on Twitter and improve your personal or company brand. And I have selected some of them and new ones that can help you implement, measure and improve the impact and reach of your Twitter campaigns .

New Zealand B2B Phone List

The strategic use of tools allows you to improve the reach of your communication on Twitter


Twitter tools for management and monitoring

TweetdeckTweetdeck twitter marketing tools
Acquired by Twitter, it is undoubtedly one of the most versatile tools to monitor and manage your accounts and your campaigns on Twitter . It is free for computers and Ipads (IOS only), but it is not compatible with mobile phones.

It allows you to manage up to 10 accounts for free with a column system that is easy to organize and customize, according to your interests. Tweetdeck’s main functions are:

Write messages in real time or schedule them.Retweet with one or more accounts.Reply to Tweets from all the accounts you manage.Monitor mentions of your accounts.Monitor the follow-ups, RT and Likes of your accounts.Receive and reply to Direct Messages.Schedule Tweets.Monitor and interact with the accounts on your lists.Search by topic or keywordMonitor hashtags or trendsMonitor user or competitor accountsCreate collections of Tweets.Create alarms every time your account is mentionedCreate alarms when someone interacts with your account.
It is very useful when managing accounts or finding related topics and can be a great ally, if you are a Community Manager of one or more brands.

Tweetdeck allows you to manage up to 12 accounts for free and interact with all of them


Hootsuitehootsuite app marketing twitter
It is perhaps the most popular and one of the most versatile of the tools with which you can manage your account and do effective Forex Email List on Twitter . It has the advantage that it allows you to combine up to 3 social networks in its free version (Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook, for example). And that it is compatible with Android and IOS mobile devices.

With Hootsuite you can add multiple applications within your free apps directory: Youtube, Soundcloud, Mailchimp, Instagram, etc. In the Pro version, you can manage multiple accounts, create management and publishing teams, track and automate with chosen hashtags, accounts or filters.

It has a very simple interface and a mobile application for Android and IOS, which allows you to monitor, publish, reply and schedule tweets in real time or during primetime for your account.

It also has a large forum that provides information and training for companies and individuals through its blog , webinars and training programs , free and paid.

It also has the Hootlet extension , compatible with all browsers, which allows you to easily share the content you are reading on the web on any of the networks that you manage with Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is one of the most powerful Twitter management and monitoring tools

It is one of the most powerful tools for managing accounts and doing effective Marketing on Twitter . It is free for accounts with less than 5000 followers and offers different plans in pro version, depending on the size and audience of your brand.

It has a statistics system that is ideal for you if you are a Community Manager or Social Media Manager, about your entire community of followers and followed on Twitter, accompanied by very useful maps and graphics.

It offers you a large amount of segmented information about your account, of great value to improve your marketing strategy on Twitter . For example, it shows you how many and who are your new followers, which accounts have unfollowed you; and which and how many of the accounts you follow are inactive. It also tells you who has an unbalanced ratio of followers and followed and which accounts are too active and if you can consider them spam.

It informs you about the time zone where your community is located by countries or cities and in which language their account is configured, with which you can correct and publish at the most appropriate times, depending on the location of your audience. It also tells you which accounts are active in real time (a maximum of 100 in the free version).

It also offers you a cloud with the most frequent words of the biography of your community and which are the most frequent words and terms within their communication. Very adequate information to improve the impact and scope of your communication on Twitter.

Audiense also has a search filter for keywords and geolocation that helps you find a target audience and related to your marketing interests. In the free version it also offers you a detailed map of the best day and the best time to tweet, according to the connection and the level of interactivity of your community on Twitter.

Audiense twitter marketing tool

Audiense also has a great blog in Spanish: Audiense blog in which topics on the use of the tool and on Marketing terms and strategies on Twitter are discussed . I highly recommend reading it.

Audiense is a Twitter management tool that offers you many statistics about your community


Manage FlitterManage Flitter
It is another of those tools that help you optimize the ratio of Followers and followed, the quality of your audience and improve the reach and impact of your communication on Twitter.

The free version has no followers limit and offers you several options, but the pro version offers you great possibilities. Regarding the management of your community on twitter , with Manage flitter you can, see and proceed on the accounts that do not correspond to your follow, organizing them by relevance, number of followers or followed.

It also tells you which accounts of your followers are inactive, that is, they have not published in the last 30 days and invites you to stop following them, as well as accounts without a personalized photo or that publish in languages ​​other than your account.

It can be a very powerful tool to grow your community on Twitter . Depending on this, you can unfollow up to 100 people every 24 hours in the free version and up to 300 in the paid version.

It offers you the possibility to follow the accounts (up to 50 every 24 hours in the free version), which have mentioned your account. It also offers target audience tracking based on your bio keywords, location, and number of followers. With this filter you can find an audience related to your products or services and build an interested and active audience around your brand with your communication.

Tiene también en el apartado de Engagement, una aplicación que encuentro muy útil y estratégica para tu comunicación: el Power Post. Esta función te permite saber cual es el día y la hora de la semana en la cual puedes publicar, para conseguir más alcance e interacción. Esta información, la obtiene Manage Flitter según la conexión y participación de tu comunidad en Twitter.

power post twitter marketing tools fernando rubio

Con esta función podrías asegurarte que los mejores contenidos de tu blog se publiquen estratégicamente en los horarios en los cuales hay una mayor parte de tu comunidad de Twitter conectada.


Es una herramienta para Twitter e Instagram que te ayuda a gestionar los seguidores y seguidos de tu cuenta. Un buen uso de Crowdfire te permite de forma aumentar tus seguidores en Twitter y crear una comunidad activa que participe e interactue continuamente con tus contenidos.

Te permite encontrar a personas que han dejado de seguirte o que no corresponden tu follow (con nombre propio) y te invita a dejarlos de seguir para equilibrar el ratio de seguidores y seguidos de tu cuenta. También te permite copiar y seguir estratégicamente a seguidores de otras cuentas.

Crowdfire es una herramienta que te permite saber quién no te sigue o quién te ha dejado de seguir en Twitter e Instagram. Ideal para ampliar audiencias y ser más selectivo.

Crowdfire te permite saber quién no te sigue y quién te ha dejado de seguir en Twitter e Instagram

La aplicación te envía notificaciones e informes periódicos sobre las estadísticas y actividad de tu cuenta: aumento y reciprocidad. También puedes enviar mensajes directos (DM) de bienvenida automáticos a los nuevos seguidores, algo que desaconsejo, si quieres que tu comunicación sea más cercana.

También te permite crear una «lista blanca» en la que puedes incluir cuentas estratégicas para que no dejes de seguir nunca (influenciadores, cuentas importantes) aunque no correspondan tu follow. Te permite seguir hasta 25 cuentas cada 24 horas y dejar de seguir a 100 cuentas al día.

Es importante que recuerdes que el uso excesivo de herramientas de seguimiento, pueden repercutir negativamente es tu comunidad. Usa Crowdfire con estrategia y verás resultados positivos en poco tiempo.

Herramientas de Twitter para Curación de contenidos

Es una herramienta casi obligatoria para todas las personas que se dedican al Marketing Online. Te permite seguir y clasificar las webs y blogs referentes de cualquier sector. Es ideal para encontrar blogs, webs y fuentes de contenido de valor estratégico para tu cuenta de Twitter.

Con ella podrás ver los últimos contenidos y publicaciones de los blogs que creas referentes de tu sector. De esta forma podrás leer y compartir en tu cuenta de Twitter, información relevante y contenido de valor para tu audiencia.

Con Feedly puedes publicar tanto en directo, como en diferido, ya que es perfectamente compatible con programadores como Buffer, Hootsuite, IFTTT, etc.

También existe como aplicación Móvil, con lo cual puedes leer y compartir desde cualquier lugar y dispositivo móvil.


Herramientas de Twitter para programación estratégica de contenidos

Buffer es una de esas aplicaciones que recomiendo a los community manager a usar casi a diario. Es quizás la aplicación más conocida como programador de contenido en Twitter y otras redes sociales. En la versión Free puedes programar hasta 10 publicaciones en 3 redes sociales. En la versión Pro, puedes crear equipos, programar grandes cantidades de contenido en las principales redes sociales.

Es una herramienta de gran eficacia porque puedes programar en los horarios con mayor conexión de tu comunidad, para generar más impresiones, más interacción y participación con tu contenido.

Debes instalar la Aplicación de Buffer y también la extensión de Buffer en tu navegador. Esto te permitirá programar contenidos estratégicamente para publicar en horarios más acordes a tu audiencia. También te permite retuitear en otros horarios y no en directo. Estratégico si los horarios en los que lees el contenido no son los adecuados para tu audiencia.

hack tools twitterPuedes configurar buffer con el acortador de enlaces Bitly, que es el acortador más usado, así que tu audiencia no sabrá que estás usando un programador para tu comunicación.

Posee además un sistema propio de analítica que te permite ver qué contenidos han generado más alcance: Top Tweet de la semana. Con esta información estratégica, podrás saber los horarios y tipos de contenido que funcionan mejor.

Tiene también un blog muy potente: Buffer blog, que es uno de mis favoritos en contenido y estrategia para Marketing online y Social Media.

Buffer es una herramienta muy útil para programar y obtener estadísticas de tus campañas en Twitter

IFTTTIfftt twitter
Si no conoces IFTTT, te estás perdiendo la oportunidad de trabajar con una de las más potentes herramienta gratuita de gestión y programación estratégica en Redes Sociales.

La función principal de IFTTT principal es ofrecerte la posibilidad de crear fórmulas de gestión de tus redes a tu conveniencia. De hecho las siglas se la plataforma son: «If This Then That”, que traducido al español sería algo como “si sucede esto entonces haz aquello”, con lo cual funciona por efecto acción y reacción, si hago esta tarea, entonces automáticamente se realiza la que hayas programado. Una acción de forma condicional.

Una vez logueado y registrado, puedes empezar a crear tus recetas (Recipes). Puedes escoger un canal disparador (opción choose trigger channel), para crear una receta (fórmula) que repercuta en otra de tus redes, canales o plataformas de almacenamiento. Una vez hecho este paso, puedes automatizar tus acciones en los canales que escojas, para que se publiquen en los que tu desees.

IFTTT te propone hasta 104 plataformas de Marketing Online diferentes para crear Recipes de programación y automatización. Puedes crear «Recetas» con más de 100 plataformas online: Gmail, Google +, Buffer, Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote, Instagram, Pinterest,Reddit, Tumblr, Vimeo, Bit.ly, Blogger, WordPress, Foursquare, Linkedin, Youtube, etc.

Te permite crear recetas para que si sucede algo en tu canal fuente o si realizas una acción, esta tenga una réplica o consecuencia en el canal que tu escojas. Por ejemplo: si te etiquetan en una foto de Facebook, puedes automatizar la acción de que la imagen se almacene en Dropbox o que te la envíe como archivo adjunto en un correo Gmail o del servicio de correo que tengas o se publique en Twitter en directo o a través de Buffer, por ejemplo.


You can create many custom recipes , according to your needs and according to your strategy on Twitter and other social networks. You can also activate and deactivate your recipes. You can also track the contents of an account or a hashtag and have it published or stored on the social network you want or an alert created with an email message. It has infinite possibilities and with it you can make effective and strategic communication .

With this strategy, you will ensure that what happens in one of your social networks or communication channels has automatic repercussions on another. Or that the actions you carry out on a platform are stored, scheduled, published or shared on the network and on the platform you want. It is like a general dashboard to exchange actions and reactions in all your accounts.

It is very important that with this you do not automate your publication, but rather that it helps you to manage information strategically, always with your supervision.

Analytics Tools on Twitter

Twitter AnalyticsTwitter analytics
Twitter Analytics is undoubtedly one of the most important applications for strategic marketing on Twitter . As I told you in the post Free and essential Analytics tools on Twitter, the data and statistics that this tool gives you about your audience and your communication deserve special attention, since it tells you not only who is reading you, but also how your audience participates with each and every one of your tweets.

It offers you relevant information about your tweets and for specific periods of time or that you can customize. If, for example, you decide that the information is month by month. Regarding your publications, month by month you can know the scope and impact of your publications in an orderly way. For example, you can know:

The number of tweets you have posted each monthThe number of new followersThe number of impressions of your postsThe number of visits to your profileThe number of mentions in your accountThe number of tweets with links to your profile (your links shared by other accounts)Which of your posts has had the most interaction (hopefully its own content)Which of the mentions to your account has been the one that has generated the most interactionsThe account that has started to follow you with more authorityThe main multimedia tweetThe twitter card with the most impact and reach
twitter analytics detail 1


In the Tweets section you can see the days and times when there has been the most interaction with your communication. For example, you will be able to see the impact of your organic campaigns and the development of your activity if one day you have generated or participated in a debate or meeting on Twitter (something that I would especially recommend).

In this section, Twitter analytics gives a detailed report of the interaction of each and every one of your tweets and how your audience participated in your communication. If retweeting, clicking on the image, on the link, on the hashtag if you use it, etc. Relevant information to know how your audience sees and participates in your communication.

En el caso de que sea un tuit patrocinado, te dará una detallada información sobre la interacción y las estadísticas que te permitirán saber si tu publicación ha llegado al público objetivo adecuadoy cumple tus objetivos de marketing.

twitter analytics interaction


También Twitter Analytics te informa sobre el crecimiento y evolución de tu audiencia en Twitter, es decir te dice qué tipo de personas leen y participan en tu comunicación, segmentando esa información por seguidores y seguidos. Podrás ver de qué genero son, en qué lugar están ubicados y en qué idioma se comunican principalmente. Toda esta información es relevante si deseas medir y mejorar tu comunicación.

twitter analytics 1

Igualmente te hace una comparativa de crecimiento de seguidores y si estilo de vida, informándote de cuáles son los temas que más interesa y comparte tu audiencia y sobre qué temas televisivos opina en Twitter. Esta información como comprenderás, es estratégica a la hora de que puedas ofrecer temas de interés para tu público objetivo, en el idioma y horario más adecuado para tu audiencia.

En el apartado de audiencia y estilo de vida, Twitter Aanalytics te permite igualmente saber cuáles son los temas más compartidos o que generan más interacción de tu audiencia y en cuáles participan más. Esta información es muy valiosa a la hora de compartir temas de interés directo con tu público objetivo.

twitter analytics 2

Tweetbinder es otra de las herramientas más útiles y versátiles de analítica web para Twitter y es ideal si quieres tener información directa sobre la interacción de tus campañas. De hecho es una de las 3 herramientas gratuitas de analítica de Twitter que es he escogido en un anterior artículo.

Esta herramienta, te permite de manera gratuita ver la analítica de un #hashtag, una cuenta de Twitter o un enlace compartido en Twitter, en los últimas 300 tuits. Esto te permite saber quienes han participado de manera activa en tu comunicación, qué cuentas han compartido o han retuiteado tus contenidos, a qué hora, con qué alcance e interacción. Te ofrece una completísima infografía (Avanced Report) sobre las cuentas más populares (las que más seguidores tienen) y cuáles han conseguido un mayor alcance con tus contenidos.

Igualmente te informa de los links o imágenes compartidas a través de la cuenta, enlaces o hashtags que estás analizando. Es ideal igualmente para hacer estudios de mercado o de análisis de la competencia y saber cuales son los enlaces o contenidos más compartidos y por quienes.

Es una herramienta estratégica para hacer Marketing en Twitter, ya que te permite saber con exactitud quienes son los seguidores que más interactúan con tu cuenta, con tus contenidos y con hashtags que utilizas, ya sena de temas comunes o de foros en los que participas.

tweetbinder statistics

[email protected] te ofrece un completo informe de analítica en formato #infografía

Bit.ly no es solamente uno de los acortadores de URL más usados en el mundo, es también una de las herramientas más versátiles y útiles para hacer Marketing en Twitter efectivo y obtener estadísticas muy valiosas acerca de tus tuits.

Once logged in, it allows you to shorten, personalize and share links, of which it keeps a record of interactions and presents them chronologically so that you can see the hours and days in which there is more interaction with your tweets.

The statistics also offer you a historical count by days of your communication and the areas and countries where your content has been shared. Likewise, the application allows you to analyze the shortened links with Bit.ly from the competition.

bitly statistics


Bit.ly also has a blog that provides great value content on Marketing and Social Media: Bitly Blog


This tool that offers you multiple statistics about your Twitter account. It informs you from the opening of it, the percentage of daily tweets, the ratio of followers and followed, the programming platforms used and their percentage, as well as the shorteners and applications used to publish with the account.

metricspot 1

It also offers you information based on the interaction of the last 200 tweets published by your account and in it you will be able to see the percentage of tweets published, retweets and responses from your brand. It has a system for measuring the influence of your Twitter account , based on the number and percentage of interactions of your publications. That is, how many retweets you have and how many favorites in proportion to the number of publications made. It also takes into account how many lists your Twitter account has been included in.

metricspot 2


Finally, it offers you statistics on the hashtags and accounts with the highest number of mentions from your account. A battery of data that can help you strategically improve your Twitter strategy and interaction with accounts.


A very useful application to obtain statistics and analytics from a website, your Twitter account and Instagram. It offers you strategic information about the activity of your communication channels in specific periods of time that you can modify at will for days, weeks or months.

The application has a free version and a pro version that, of course, offers you much more specific data about the scope, the interaction of your communication and the growth of your audience. With regard to Twitter, it offers you the statistics of growth, interaction and ranking of the tweets with the most interactions of your account (always in relation to specific periods of time), which allows you to measure and compare the evolution of your communication in Twitter

Metricool 1


Thanks to these reports you will be able to see and analyze the different actions and campaigns of your communication on Twitter and analyze the results. It allows you to strategically schedule your publications in the days and hours of greatest interaction, something that would strategically improve the scope of your communication.


Metricool offers you very complete reports on the growth and interaction of your audience on Twitter

Twitter tools to analyze interaction

retweet co uk logoRetweet Rank
It is a tool that allows you to know the degree of response, interaction and influence of your communication on Twitter . Graphically, it shows you by days and weeks the percentage of participation of your audience and the influence of your communication, based on the interaction.

For example, the following graph tells you the percentage of interaction of your communication on Twitter. In my case, 99.78% of the published tweets have some type of interaction, which is a favorable report.

retweet rank percentage


Also create a dashboard for your account where you can see the progress of your communication in the last days. For the pro version, you can get the following information:

Interaction of your Top Tweets.Influencer retweets.Best time to postBest themes or trendsYou can set up follow-ups and retweets with keywords.Export the reports with all these reports.

It is one of those strategic applications to know the quality of your audience on Twitter and to be able to detect and differentiate between who are your followers, who are your fans and your superfans, since it creates an interactive map that draws by mentions, the interaction of your account Twitter with the last 200 publications of your account.

The Map shows you the accounts with the highest number of visible interactions with the number of tweets in each segment, with the possibility of seeing each one of the tweets, if you click on each line. It also allows you to see the hashtags associated with your account or the accounts with which you interact.

It also allows you to monitor a hashtag or an account, which means that you can do a market or competition study. Something that will help you improve your study and your communication strategy on Twitter.

mentionmapp statistics


Twitter tools to improve the interaction of your content
In this section I want to recommend 3 plugins for WordPress plus Twitter Cards, which will help improve your Marketing strategy on Twitter , as they help to enhance interaction and participation. They are applications that if you want, you can learn to install and configure in our Aula CM WordPress course in which you can also learn all the functions and characteristics of WordPress.


click-to-tweetClick to Tweet
It is an application that helps you create summary sentences that invite your readers to tweet some of your sentences, as their reading progresses. Easy to apply and install, it will help you improve interaction with your best readers.


JM-Twitter-CardsJM Twitter Cards
It is another plugin that helps you configure an image attached to your tweets, in such a way that when someone wants to tweet your content, they have the option of doing it with an attached image, which significantly helps to increase the interaction with your communication on Twitter.


Digg-DiggDigg Digg
Another plugin with easy installation and configuration that allows you to create an upper bar and a lower bar to invite your readers to share your content. You can also configure a sidebar (floating bar) that vertically accompanies the reading, to invite your readers to share your content on Twitter and other social networks.

If you want to learn more about plugins related to Twitter, I leave you these 3 posts about the best WordPress plugins:

Guide to Setting Up 13 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

The 50 best plugins to install on WordPress

The 60 best WordPress Plugins to install on your Blog

Twitter-CardsTwitter Cards
It is another of the main functions of Twitter Analytics and is associated with your Twitter Ads strategy. It allows you to create rich format tweets with which you can organically or paid, highlight your tweets.

It offers you up to 8 different card formats that you can configure according to your Twitter Marketing strategy:

Summary CardSummary Card with Large ImagePhoto CardGallery CardApp CardPlayer CardPlayer Card: Approval GuideProduct CardLead GeneratorWeb Site Card
Here’s an example of a Web side Card Twitter Card


Twitter tools to study the sector and the competition

A tool that allows you to search and explore all terms referring to any Twitter account or hashtag: mentions, frequent words, tags or links shared with the search criteria.

It is ideal to improve your strategy on Twitter , since you can analyze your competition or the references or influencers on Twitter and find out which are the most frequent terms used on Twitter, the hashtags associated with that account and the latest links shared.


It is a tool developed by MOZ, which allows you to study and make a comparison of the followers and audiences of various Twitter accounts.

This allows you to know how many followers and following you have in common with other accounts in the market, their interaction and growth. Very useful information when it comes to seeing and assessing the growth of your audience in comparison to your colleagues or to the brands in your niche or market sector.

It also allows you to know the number of followers, the percentage of Retweets and mentions of each account, the age and authority of each one. It is a strategic tool for conducting market research on Twitter. In the pro version, it allows you to monitor and follow up on Twitter accounts.


followerwronk comparative
A tool that allows you to make an exhaustive analysis of your account and the account of the users you want to know about their follow and followers ratio, the lists to which they belong and the age of their account.

twittonomy statistics 1

For your user account, it offers you many strategic statistics to improve your marketing on Twitter, for example:

Most mentioned usersUsers who interact the most with your accountDays and hours of greatest interactionThe most used hashtagsTweets that have been most bookmarkedUsers with the most responsesThe platforms from which the interactions have been generated.
twitonomy statistics 2
Twit ter Audittwitter audit
It is an ideal tool to analyze the percentage of inactive or doubtful followers accounts (fakes) or bots of your account and other Twitter accounts. The tool measures in percentage and figures the accounts that it cannot detect as visible, active.

It is ideal for conducting market research and audits of competitor accounts. It saves you a history so that you can make a comparison later

twitter audit fer

Twitter tool for geolocation and trend search TT
tweepsmap LOGOTweepsmap
An ideal application to know where your audience (Twitter followers) is located worldwide. It generates an interactive world map where you can see and analyze the scope of your brand. It also offers you very complete statistics and reports on the number and percentage of your community, segmented by countries, communities and cities.

It has incorporated valuable statistics such as the best time to tweet, according to your audience and the possibility of scheduling your tweets to be published in the days and hours of greatest interaction with your account.



It is an application that generates a live interactive map of the world with the most used Twitter accounts, trends and hashtag anywhere. It allows you to track and find current trends in the world, in your region and in your city.

It is strategic when it comes to finding hashtags or topics that are trending to participate or interact with them if you want to generate interest, debate or expand your communication.



GigaTweet copyGigatweet
It is an application that shows you live Twitter topics and trends, segmented by language. You can enter searches by words, hashtags or accounts and it broadcasts the results of your searches live with a maximum of 5 columns. You can carry out comparisons and studies on the different topics and trends. Ideal for studies and comparisons.


Twitter tools for content dynamization

First of all, thank you very much for getting here and taking the time to read this lengthy post. I want to end this article with two less complex tools, more visual, but that can help you generate a different communication and increase the participation and interaction of your audience on Twitter.

Spruce Twitter marketing toolPablo from Buffer
For having come this far at the end of the post, I have an award for you. After seeing this application for Twitter and other social networks, you will have a very powerful tool.

I have the pleasure of teaching you Pablo by Buffer , which has undoubtedly become one of my favorite tools. Pablo is a free application that helps you create images for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. It has a bank of more than 600,000 royalty-free images that you can use. Yes, you have read six hundred thousand images correctly that we can use thanks to the agreement it has with large image sales platforms such as Unsplash and Pixabay .

Both the images and fonts are editable and with current designs. It also allows you to upload your own images, add your logo, prepare them for social networks or for your blog, since you can download them in high resolution.

Pablo by Buffer is now one of the best applications to compose publications that strategically generate interaction with your audience. In our case for Twitter. I give you as an example, the Tweets that I prepared for the 3rd Meeting of Agencies of Aula CM that we celebrated in May 2016.


– Fer Rubio Ahumada (@FerRubioA) April 18, 2016


Twitter Power Marketing

I have made a selection of the tools that I find most versatile to do a strategic and effective Marketing on Twitter . I hope that with them you can improve the strategy and the results of your campaigns.

I share with you this Online Marketing Twitter Guide for companies with which you can improve your marketing strategy on Twitter. Likewise, if you want to train and improve, I recommend our in-person Community Manager course or the online Community manager course , in which you can learn to improve your Twitter Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization and everything. everything related to Online Marketing.

But obviously like any compilation it can be enlarged and improved. And for this I invite you to teach me other tools that you may have ignored in this post. So I invite you to tell me which are your favorites.

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