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72% of users have bought a product that they discovered on Instagram. Add that to the billion active users on Instagram and the 75% of users who have purchase intentions. With all these opportunities to connect with potential customers, gain new followers, build brand and reputation authority, promote products and services, and track customer satisfaction in real time, it only gets better when cell phone numbers list advertising is added to. this mix. But, there is a challenge, and that is for Instagram to approve your advertising. And trust me when I tell you it’s challenging, since Instagram has never spoken openly about this to begin with, fueling speculation that can be confusing and frustrating. So you may be interested in knowing what advertising is on Instagram, how much it costs, how it pays, how long it takes to approve your ads, why Instagram does not approve your ad, and the steps to follow when your ad is not approved.

Why won’t Instagram approve my ad? There are many reasons why your ad has not been approved on Instagram. Tobacco, drugs, drug-related products, dangerous supplements, weapons and ammunition, or explosives are some of the products that Facebook has listed as “prohibited content” in its Advertising Policy. But why do we refer to Facebook when we are talking about advertising on Instagram? Well, Instagram now belongs to Facebook. This means that you can advertise on the two platforms in parallel, and these ads must adhere to a series of rules for you to promote successfully. If your ad has not been approved on Instagram for no reason, it may be helpful to read the Instagram terms. The reason why your ad on Instagram has not been approved may be there. It should also be mentioned that the paid ads service is also offered on Google, Twitter and even Reddit and that these also have to be approved by the platforms, and that many are also rejected.


Have an unapproved ad on Instagram? Here are 3 methods to prevent this from happening to you:

Contact support to see the problem
Edit and relaunch your ad
Delete the ad and create a new one
1. Contact support to see the problem
By contacting support, you’re essentially telling Facebook that you think their automatic review process has misjudged you and that you want your ad to be reviewed manually. Make sure you haven’t violated any of Facebook’s ad policies as you can only appeal once.

If your appeal is approved, your ads will launch immediately. If not, then you can try: Use this link to fill out the “appeal an unapproved ad” form. They will ask you a couple of questions about the ad. Answer and send it. Since what you’ve submitted will be processed manually, the lead time can vary from a few hours to a day, depending on the nature of the issue and the amount of investigation required.
2. Change and relaunch the rejected ad on Forex Email List If you make the decision to fix and relaunch a rejected ad, you should have a broad understanding of the rules and commitment to the content of your ads. Luckily, this option allows multiple relaunches, so it gives you a field to test. If you want to fix rejected ads, you must test one variable each time: Change the landing page to another URL, preferably your home page. It is a step to identify the problems that there are with your landing page . Assuming that all the elements of your ad are maintained and your ad is accepted, you will discover that the problem is on your landing page and you can take the necessary steps to fix it. Make changes to your copies or change the whole thing and see if the problem is the text. If you keep the landing page and the image and change the text and then your ad is approved, you will know that some element of the text was what caused the rejection. This also applies to changing the image and keeping the text. Check your targeting options and make sure you are not targeting an audience that has been targeted by both the Instagram ads rules and the Facebook ad policy. Also check the payment options and make sure all the information is correct.
3. Create and launch new ads
If your ad has been manually rejected more than three times, you should review your approach.

Reread the Facebook guide and the Instagram rules.
Create new content and a new landing page.
Change the URL of the existing landing page
Make sure you follow all the rules.
Launch your ads and wait for approval.

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