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3 out of 4 consumers buy a product after seeing it on Social Networks

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3 out of 4 consumers buy a product after seeing it on Social Networks

Social Networks are already a primary channel for companies Online commerce has changed the way of selling as well as the points of importance in the market such as: the customer experience, the purchase experience, the business sector, the quality of the service, the sending and receiving of the order in perfect condition, among others. Social dubai mobile number example  allow you to return to all the users who have visited your online store or have made a purchase. But it is not worth selling anything. The algorithms of Social Networks, constantly updated and improved, allow you to return to those users who have visited your ecommerce, to know the products that interest them the most, in which section the user has been interested, the reasons why they do not buy, if they have used the cart option or if they have started a payment.

A wide range of possibilities in which you will go from reaching the whole world to reaching ONLY potential users. Well, the key is to communicate only to your potential audience. You will be able to break down a segmentation by lifestyle, consumption habit, navigation, from what device, if it has been done with Wi-Fi and in which sector they work, among many. This will allow you to increase the profitability of the shares in Social Networks. After processing and analyzing all the information, it allows you to clone the client to search for new ones: by interests, purchasing and browsing habits, age, gender and geolocation, among others. All these tools will allow you to scale your business. If your consumer is on social networks, you will invest in this channel to reach them and promote sales.


-Source: Social media statistics July 2018: Users of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and others; Mejía Llanos, JC, consultant and speaker in digital marketing and social media. Are there still companies that believe that they do not need to have a presence on Social Networks? One of the most relevant events in  Forex Email List shopping has been the advancement of mobile technology itself. The ease of connection that we have at any time and anywhere. This diversifies the way in which the consumer knows a brand and interacts with it. «77% have bought from Smartphone or Tablet» Annual mobile marketing study 2017, iabSpain (2017) To sell on Social Networks you need good strategic planning and communication in line with the values ​​of the brand. This is not America, constantly driving sales is not good. It is recommended to communicate the values ​​with which the brand agrees, the degree of responsibility, etc. Well, brand values ​​must be respected to distinguish yourself from others.

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