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The use of “link in bio” in posts is as common as hashtags. Why? This tool tries to add a URL that allows users to navigate from the Instagram profile to the homepage with various links to content on your website. Some “link in bio” tools have more features than others, depending on who they are designed for. 1. Linktree: For individuals and small call list of mobile number   The Linktree tool allows you to update the links in the bio in the simplest way possible, while directing traffic to important content. Using the platform is easy, and everything is very clear from a bird’s eye view. Individuals and small businesses who have reviewed Linktree insist on the simplicity of the tool. What does Linktree offer me? Unlimited links : Add all the links you want. With the free version, they are added manually one by one.
Total traffic: Allows you to see how much traffic your link is generating in total.
Link total clicks: You can see how many people have clicked on the link in total
Support team: Any help you need for the «link in bio» can be requested via email or via help content . Sensitive content notices : Ensure privacy, security and that you are complying with the provisions for sensitive content and age limits in your link in bio.

2. ContactInBio: For agencies or SMEs The ContactInBio tool helps you build a feature-rich landing page that allows people who visit your Instagram profile to have more personal interactions with your brand. The drag-and-drop interface in the page builder includes an extensive collection of content blocks that support image galleries, media players, storefront applications , and messaging, and this is just the beginning. What does ContactInBio offer me? Custom bio / profile URL: Choose from 4 different domains for your “link in bio”, so your brand can continue to be the main element Customized links: Change the style and appearance of the links using thumbnail images , buttons, or interactive elements. Social media and payment buttons: Add more than 43 links to payments, more than 105 links to social networks, including services like Shopify, Discord and Patreon. Also more than 10 links to music services. Messaging button: Connects with messaging apps so that people who visit your page can easily contact you from the landing page .
Contact form : Make it easy for your clients to contact you via email with a simple contact form. Default theme: Control the view of your ContactInBio page by selecting one of the 12 pre-designed themes. Follow-up of link clicks : You will be able to see the link clicks day by day.


3. Like2Buy: For big brands and e-commerce
The digital commerce company “Curalate” was one of the first companies to solve the problem of how to make Instagram generate purchases. In 2016, they launched Like2Buy , and autogenerated a URL that takes followers to a gallery of products for sale, stories etc … A “My Likes” tab contains all the posts that the user has “liked”, so they can come back and buy them later. Social media managers at companies like Forever 21, Sephora or Ikea appreciated that Like2Buy takes seconds to install. You can turn your existing Forex Email List feed into a showcase of your products available to buy, without having to involve your e-commerce team. What does Like2Buy offer me? Capture email addresses: collect the emails of your Instagram followers to fatten your distribution list and offer another marketing tool. Internationalization: identify which country your visitors come from, through their IP address. If it is not the same country that you have by default in your e-commerce, the user will be directed to the home page, where they can choose the country to which they belong. “My Likes” tab: Shows a collection of images that people who visit your page have given a “like”. For sale feed: Give people who visit your profile a quality shopping experience by redirecting them to a “store” version of your page. Convert your Instagram followers into clients with the «Link in Bio» tools While Instagram is a leader in brand engagement , small and medium business owners find it difficult to connect that engagement with business goals and ROI. The “Link in Bio” tools are an effective way to create a bridge between the content of your Instagram account, with the growth of your business.

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