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25 Herramientas indispensables para organización de eventos TOP

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25 Herramientas indispensables para organización de eventos TOP

Today I want to share with you a selection of 25 essential tools to organize TOP events . A selection of platforms and applications that every event organizer or Event Planner should know and take into account when creating, planning, managing and measuring their event.

25 Tools Every Event Planner Should Know

Today my objective is twofold: on the one hand I am going to show you how each of these tools works and on the other hand how they can be applied with a real and practical case on which the entire Aula CM team is working .

This is Pro Austria Business Phone List Day, a great Marketing event that we are organizing and that will take place next Saturday, April 1, at the Goya Theater in Madrid , with the sponsorship of Lowpost , Webempresa and HoyMarketing .

Austria Business Phone List

My purpose then, is to explain the list of tools, exposing the function of each one, and at what point in the planning or development of the event we have used them all the team.


Platforms to create a Web page or a Landing Page for events:
Obviously you have to create a website or an optimized landing page where you can present the speakers and content of your event. A website that helps you to expose your event, but that is also the support where you can receive the requests, questions, the sales and reservation systems of your event. A place to make your products and services visible while giving visibility to the sponsors and collaborators, and people who make up your event. In this case, the speakers and conferences of one of the best online Marketing events in Madrid .

Due to our experience in online marketing, we made the Pro Marketing Day website with WordPress , which is the system that has revolutionized the creation of web pages, not only for ease of use, but also for the possibility of using positioning plugins, dissemination and performance, which make your website and your event position itself in search engines and help you sell and attract subscribers.

If you need more information, I leave you this great post: How to create an event website with WordPress in 10 steps .

WordPress Plugins for Events
This is a selection of plugins that we use to optimize your landing page:

SEO by Yoast
SEO Yoast is an essential plugin for any website with which you want to improve SEO . It is very easy to use and helps you position your website, according to the terms and keywords you want to position. It allows you to link analytics, social networks, keywords and easily edit the terms and snippets (meta descriptions) of pages and posts (content), so that Google indexes and positions you more quickly in search engines.

OptinMonster is the plugin that helps us spread the word about the event and attract registrations (you can also do it for subscribers). It is the one you see when you enter our website. Perfectly synchronized with your WordPress landing page, it is a strategic tool to spread the word about your event and get conversions (sales or subscriptions).

Sumo me
Sumo Me is also one of the best plugins to spread your content on social networks and aggregators, generating traffic to and from your website. Easy to install and with some free options, such as the sidebar for social networks, the pop-up Pop Ups, the scroll box or the smart bar, among many of its functionalities

JM Twitter Cards
JM Twitter Cards is a free WordPress plugin that helps you automatically generate a Twitter card on Twitter with the image and format you choose for your event. Twitter Cards help you generate traffic to your website and also correctly inform your audience, generating Tweets with a rich format that make it easier for your audience to reach the landing page of your event, with just one click.

If you want to know more about WordPress and how to create and design custom web pages, I recommend the Aula CM WordPress Course . If you want to know more about plugins, templates and design, I recommend these posts:

WordPress Manual50 Best WordPress PluginsThe best premium WordPress templatesGuide to setting up 11 essential WordPress plugins


Online event management tools:
I present you 3 fundamental tools for event management : an agenda, a platform for managing, selling and booking tickets and one for planning and organizing team tasks, if your event depends on a work team. All three are highly recommended.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar is a great application to plan and check all the stages and phases of your event. It allows you to create and view your calendar in various ways: by month, week or day. With this application, available in App for IOS and App for Adroid . You can create and remember tasks and events. It looks for available days from your agenda, if you have to add meetings or tasks and can be synchronized with dates from your mobile agenda.

Eventbrite has become an essential platform for event ticket creation, management, booking and sales. It is free and easy to manage and access, both for the creation of free events and for the management of payment events and ticket reservations, in which case it charges a small commission. It informs you at all times of the number of tickets sold and the available capacity. It allows you to personalize messages, design tickets and generate QR codes for access and registration.

The application also allows you to create personalized discounts and always presents you with a table of statistics of vein, payment, reservation and income. Eventbrite is the future of online event management, as it also allows you to export the list of registered and interested parties to CSV files or integrate them with email marketing systems, such as Mailchimp or Mailrelay.

If your event depends on the coordination of the work of several people, Trello is the application you need. It is ideal for creating and organizing teamwork and collaborative tasks. It has a system for assigning tasks to different people on the team to which you can assign expiration dates and reminders via Forex Email List . It allows you and the entire team to see the progress of each of the tasks.

Event Monitoring Tools:
It is essential that every brand can monitor and see the mentions about the event. For this, I present you 2 fundamental tools:

Hootsuite is one of the most versatile applications for monitoring various social networks and work teams at the same time. In the free version it allows you to include up to 3 Social Networks and several applications, which, organized by columns, allow you to see what is said about your brand and the hashtag of your event and schedule publications on social networks with the appropriate formats for each of them.

In the premium version it allows you to manage teams, manage from 10 social networks, have statistics in real time, automatic programming and integration with communication systems and websites.

Sprout Social
Sprout Social es una herramienta premium que te ayuda a monitorizar y reunir en una sola plataforma todas las conversaciones e interacciones que están ocurriendo alrededor de tu marca personal o de empresa. Con ella puedes integrar Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, etc. Y gestionar las respuestas en cada una de ellas. Ideal si tienes equipos de trabajo ya que notifica si una pregunta o interacción ha sido respondida o no.

Herramientas de vídeo difusión, streaming y grabación de eventos:
Una correcta grabación y o retransmisión de tus eventos son fundamentales durante y después de tu evento. No solamente puedes transmitir en abierto o en grupos para llegar a audiencias geográficamente distantes, sino además será un gran aliado para la creación de contenidos propios, posteriores al evento. Te recomiendo estas 4 plataformas:

Ágora News
Si quieres tener un buen registro en vídeo de tu evento, tanto para hacer una difusión posterior, como para retransmitir en directo (este no será el caso de Pro Marketing Day), puedes contratar los servicios de Agora News, desde los equipos de grabación (cámara, micrófonos, luces, etc.) hasta el servicio de los técnicos especializados en el registro eventos en directo.

Si tu evento es un webinar en directo y el público puede interactuar con los ponentes, lanzando preguntas en directo, WebinarJam es la herramienta idónea. Tiene una capacidad enorme de aforo y te permite además integrarlo a tu CRM para captar las direcciones de email de los usuarios registrados.

Google Hangouts

Los Hangouts de Google son plataformas ideales si tu evento tiene mesas de dia´logo que no superen los 20 ponentes. Te permite contactar y con varias personas a la vez y grabar tus conferencias de hasta 8 horas de duración.

Si quieres saber más sobre sistemas de registro y difusión de webinars y eventos en directo te recomiendo este post:

Guía para crear un Webinar de éxito y conseguir tus objetivos

Herramientas de Email Marketing para eventos
El email marketing es uno de los sistemas más efectivos de captación y conversión de objetivos y son un aliado estratégico en la difusión de tu evento y la captación y venta de entradas. Te presento dos de las plataformas más versátiles para la gestión y creación

Mailchimp es una de las plataformas de email marketing más potentes y versátiles. No es solamente una plataforma de diseño y envío, de email. Mailchimp es una máquina muy completa y potente de diseño, gestión de campañas, de listas, de envíos e integraciones con redes sociales y analítica. Es gratuita hasta listas de 2000 suscriptores y te permite generar campañas con formularios personalizados e integraciones con tu landing page.

Mailrelay es otra de las grandes plataformas de email marketing, que te ayuda a crear boletines, con una capacidad de hasta 15000 suscriptores. Tiene un diseño más sencillo que Mailchimp, pero igualmente efectivo. También te ofrece una analítica detallada de tus campañas y envíos.

Herramientas de diseño de imágenes para eventos:

El uso profesional de las herramientas de Adobe son fundamentales para el desarrollo integral de todo evento y proyecto web. Por tal motivo en nuestro Máster de Marketing Online, el en Curso de Diseño de Contenidos Digitales, enseñamos el uso de todas estas herramientas en versión pro, para Community Managers o para las personas que se dedican profesionalmente alMarketing Online.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Evidentemente debes dejar en manos de un buen diseñador toda la campaña de tu evento. Desde la unidad gráfica y corporativa, hasta de la creación de banners y las diferentes publicidades a distribuir en diferentes canales sociales y de pago. Para ello es fundamental tener a mano varios programas de Adobe Creative Cloud como los son: Indesign, Illustrator Photoshop, Ligth Room, Première y Audition, entre otros.

Para Pro Marketing Day Tenemos la ventaja de tener como director a Bruno Vázquez-Dodero y al diseñador Ernesto G Bustamante que además son desarrolladores web, con lo cual la imágenes creadas en Adobe Illustrator o Photoshop, se adaptan a los formatos de banners de publicidades y Redes Sociales.

Canva se presenta como una herramienta gratuita de diseño web, muy fácil de usar. Es una buena alternativa si no tienes una herramienta como Photoshop o Indesign o no sabes manejar los otros programas. Canva es muy fácil de usar y está disponible en versión free con imágenes y diseños, solamente con tu registro.

Pablo by Buffer

Pablo By Buffer es otra de mis herramientas gratuitas de diseño favoritas. Asociada a grandes bancos de imágenes como lo son Unsplash y Pixabay, te ofrece de forma gratuita 600.000 imágenes libres de derecho para editar (con texto y filtros), con la opción de incluir el logo de tu marca y con la posibilidad de diferentes formatos para redes sociales.

Muy recomendable si no tienes imágenes propias de calidad. Puedes descargar las imágenes para ti y editarlas o editarlas y compartirlas con la propia plataforma, asociadas al programador Buffer.

If you want to know more about tools and applications for Social Networks and Online Marketing, I recommend this post:

100 Apps for Community Manager and Online Marketing

Social Networks for dissemination of Events
Social networks are very powerful platforms for disseminating, attracting loyalty and persuasion of the target audience for your event. If you create different and adapted content for each social channel and publish it with the appropriate format and times for your audience, you can greatly enhance the dissemination of your event.

But that does not mean that you should have a presence on all social networks. In fact, I will only show you examples of Pro Marketing Day content in only 4 Social Networks. But if you are interested in knowing more, I recommend this article: 12 Social Networks for your company

Facebook is not only the largest and most emotional Social Network, but it is also a Social Network that users visit almost every day. Therefore, the content you produce for her must have a close language that transmits and generates emotion; that invites participation. You must also take into account the statistics of your community: age, gender, day and time of maximum connection, etc.

Twitter is an information and target audience recruitment tool. With it you can strategically amplify the information of your event and impact qualified audiences who are really interested in your event and your content. You can create numerous informative creatives using different multimedia files to highlight: Photos, Infographics, gifs, videos). You can also create your own Twitter Cards so that your tweets have a rich format.

If you need more ideas on Twitter strategies and tools, I recommend these two articles:

The 2015 Twitter Guide to Online Marketing for Businesses

35 Tools to Improve Your Marketing on Twitter

It would also be ideal to create your own hashtag, to impact and monitor your event with different tools. In our case, our hahstag is our own #ProMarketingDay , but you can also strategically add other frequent hashtags from your sector or area of ​​influence.

Instagram is the perfect ally to gather images and videos both from the process of creating the event (making off), and from the development of the event itself. The applications of the social network itself: boomerang Layout, such as the immense number of apps that Instagram has and from which you can show images, interviews, collages, video collages, processes, time lapse, etc.

On Instagram, hashtags are also used strategically to find like-minded audiences and qualified public. In this case, people who may be interested in your content and in your event. I recommend this article: Instagram hashtags: tools to analyze and monitor

Youtube es el canal perfecto para conectar directamente con tu audiencia y contarles en un breve periodo de tiempo los preparativos del evento.

Como te comenté anteriormente, es muy importante el registro del evento para generar una rentabilidad mayor de contenidos a través de las entrevistas y contenidos para tu blog y tus redes sociales. Puedes hacer vídeos en diferente formato desde los vídeos promocionales: reportaje, making off, trailer, etc Hasta los vídeos de registro y documentación de tu evento, tanto para difundir en streaming, como para memoria de tu evento.

I share this article with 12 creative ideas for Video Marketing , which will surely bring you new ideas of video formats for your event.

Tools for automatic dissemination of content for events
Very important is also the strategic programming of your content through automation platforms that combine different channels, days and hours in which your audience is connected. I present to you two of the main platforms.

Buffer is a strategic ally to combine scheduled publications on different social networks and at key moments of the day of each social network. It also allows you to combine schedules, platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus. It offers you a posteriori statistics of the contents with more interactions so that you can analyze days, hours and contents. Before, during and after your strategic event to announce the event, broadcast it live on social networks and to disseminate the results of the event.

IFFTT , which translates If This Then That (if this, then that) is an automation that combines all your social channels and allows you to create multiple strategies of dissemination, collection and documentation of your event. You can create formulas for example if someone publishes content on Facebook with a hashtag and an image of your event, a copy is saved in your Dropbox. Or if you post a photo on Instagram with your event’s hashtag, a tweet with the attached image is automatically posted.

This platform can help you make the most of your time with combined actions on social networks.

Tools for reports and results analytics:
It is essential to measure the scope of your actions, of your event. Among the multiple analytical and results tools, I present these two platforms:


Metricool is a very versatile tool since it offers you basic but very complete statistics about your website, your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can compare the results before, during and after your events and have a monthly report of results.

Tweets with images from Metricool during the event:

Google analytics
Google Analytics is the great ally of Marketing professionals. A correct implementation of the tool and the intermediate and transaction objectives will allow you to know in advance which areas of your event are working better and which ones need to improve the strategy. It will allow you to know which channels and organic or paid actions are generating better results before, during and after your campaigns and of course your event.

If you need more information on how to get the most out of Google Analytics, I leave you these three articles:

20 Essential Steps to Being a Google Analytics Jedi

Google Analytics Guide: 35 Key Metrics and Features

Improve SEO positioning with Google Analytics

Also in a formative way, I leave you this step-by-step Event Guide , which will surely be very useful.

Tool to create multimedia summaries of events

Storify can be a great ally once your event is over. It is a powerful tool for collecting content through a hashtag or a keyword. You can retrieve and gather in a single document, the tweets, images, photographs, videos, gifs, links, etc. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Flickr and from Google itself.

You can give your compilation the order you want and divide it into sections by adding titles and subtitles. The presentation of your summary-compilation is presented as a magazine on social networks. An ideal format to spread.

I show you an example of a summary of Storify created by Diego de la Fuente, one of the attendees:

Well, I hope you liked this selection of tools and that they are very useful for managing your upcoming events. We have used them for #ProMarketingDay , which was a real success. An event that, thanks to the involvement of the team and our audience, has become one of the TOP Marketing events of 2017 .

I leave you some images and content from Pro Marketing Day and the summary of my conference on The news of Google Analytics 360 this year. I hope you enjoy the content as much as we do, the entire Aula CM team.

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