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We’re all gearing up for a bumpy 4th quarter and thinking about what scares the most this time of year: dubai mobile number list   a costly mistake in your brand marketing. In this post, we explain how to face what is coming these last months of the year, mistakes that you can make in your e-commerce and how to face them, with the experience that we have been acquiring in Roas Hunter .

Mistake # 1: Preparing for Black Friday at the last minute
We are talking about Black Friday 2020 since August, and for obvious reasons. Christmas shopping is expected to come early this year. If you have not yet clarified your sales plan for Cyber ​​month (November), you still have time, but do not rest on your laurels. Some of the big companies will start with sales as soon as the month of November begins.

Mistake # 2: not testing ads in advance
You don’t want the ads that you are going to launch for the Christmas season to be in test campaigns. They must be tested, retested, and optimized to meet your goals for when critical sales dates begin. Give yourself a few weeks to test creatives, audiences, and retargeting strategies . By the time Black Friday rolls around, your ad should be perfect.


Mistake # 3: Not optimizing the web for the mobile version
In 2019, 39.6% of e-commerce spending at the time can be attributed to buyers via smartphone. Shoppify attributed 69% of its sales on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday via smartphone. Which shows how important it is to invest in your e-commerce, especially in the mobile version.

Mistake # 4: Confusing and Inaccurate Product Descriptions
A product description with Forex Email List relevant information can eliminate confusion for buyers. This information should answer common questions, speak to your target audience, and even answer questions from scratch.

Mistake # 5: Not defining your target audience
Not only is it extremely expensive to target a very wide audience and everywhere, it is also ineffective. Before you can sell big, you need to understand customers. Go beyond the “one for all” approach, dig deeper into demographics, behavioral data, personalization, and test to define and refine your target audience.

Mistake # 6: slow web page loading
How long do you think a visitor to the page is going to wait for it to load? Unfortunately, it is 3 seconds. In 2018, a Google study found that when a page takes between 1 and 3 seconds to load, the probability of abandonment is 32%. This figure increases to 90% when the page takes 3-5 seconds to load. The final answer will vary depending on the person, and the probability that they will not quit will probably be higher when they are a regular customer, but better not risk it.

Mistake # 7: Complicated checkout processes
If your customer has added one or more products to the cart, and they start the payment process, you are very close to getting a sale. Why would a customer quit now? It turns out there are many reasons. Your payment or checkout process should be easy to complete. Don’t force customers to create an account, or have to provide unnecessary information, or have to fill out long and confusing forms. Online shoppers can be picky, and conversions will only be good if the purchase is complete.

Mistake # 8: Not having an email marketing plan
Emails are not only used to make sales in your e-commerce. Since your customers do not have the possibility to interact with your physical store, the vendors, or the product itself, you must find a way to build relationships with them. Make sure that your brand and store is present in their mind through emails, it will make them more aware, for example, of upcoming promotions or sales.

Mistake # 9: surprise payments
€ 12 shipping costs? No, thanks. Perhaps it has happened to you that when adding a product to the cart, when initiating the payment, or even when entering the shipping address, you realize that it is not worth it. Be clear from the beginning with the shipping costs or other additional costs. Don’t catch customers by surprise with unexpected payments. Include this information on your website. Even try offering free shipping to incentivize customer conversions.

Mistake # 10: Not spending the right time caring for your customers
There are definitely ups and downs in the shopping season in 2020. One of the advantages is that people who normally buy in stores are more likely to buy in e-commerce, and that they will be more direct with your purchases, since they do not They can interact with the products ahead of time. That means you have more time to reach those consumers with the correct ads, emails, social networks etc … that will push them to convert. Take advantage of the calendar in the Cyber ​​month to reach audiences, take care of the funnel , make sales … and encourage them to make another purchase before the end of the season.

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