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You may think that no one is going to want to share your content, but the reality is quite the opposite. Because they post so often, influencers are always looking for interesting content to share. All you have to do is research, create and position the right content with australia mobile number influencers so they want to work with you. If you’re not sure what position your company should take to work with them, consider the following: sharing unique content, promoting products, sponsorships, and building relationships.

1. Choose a niche and delve into it
Anyone can write a blog post on a very general topic, such as “How to start a blog”, but success involves having a more specific approach, such as “How to start a blog in an hour for less than € 100”. Find a way to “niche” your content. Go beyond the basics and create multiple pieces of content that can cover different topics in depth.


2. Create controversy
All industries have controversial and sensitive aspects. Without being too clumsy, consider that you can write that allows you to be the devil’s advocate, and offers a unique perspective that hasn’t been covered yet by anyone. Hubspot recommends writing from a perspective that impacts your audience, but making sure you can justify your arguments with data. Also, if there is an issue that divides industry experts, approach it from an angle that is consistent with the nature of your business.

3. Offer samples for “evaluation”
There are tools like BuzzSumo in which you can find influencers who work with products in your industry and for your target market. You can contact them and propose to exchange one of your products or services in exchange for “evaluating” them. For your Forex Email List to have more influencers at a lower cost, try to reach “medium” influencers (between 100 and 10,000 followers). They will be more inclined to work with you, since they are not contacted as often as those at higher levels, and they will also be cheaper for you.

4. Free products only for the influencer’s audience
In addition to an evaluation, you can also offer products to the influencer’s audience. Once they have shared their opinion about your product, they can organize through a blogpost, the distribution of free products in the form of a contest, for example, when the audience enters to read it. Normally, the influencer is responsible for the content and choosing the winners, and it is the company that is responsible for the distribution of products once the contest is closed.

5. Sponsor a post
Typically, the costs are higher if the influencer himself has to write the content of the post. A promoted publication can be, for example, a demonstration of the product itself, or of some of its characteristics. It is clearly not free, but it is content that conveys value to the audience by showing something they are interested in.

6. Sponsor an entire influencer’s blog
Many influencers accept continued sponsoring of their blog or page. You can include ads in the sidebar of the screen, mentions on specific pages such as social networks or email etc … Creating this type of relationship not only gives you more visibility with the audience, but also gives you the opportunity to decide together with the influencer, different ways in which to promote your content.

7. Support them by mentioning their name in your articles
Relationships are a matter of two. You have to support the influencer in what they are trying to build both on their page and on their social platform. If you can, mention them as an example in content you are writing, or in captions on your networks. Recommending them to your social media audience by tagging them can get their attention, and you will show them that you support their brand too.

8. Meet them in person at an event
Even if you have a mutually supportive relationship online, try to meet the influencers in person to maintain that relationship. Attend your industry networking events , conferences, or trade shows and look for influencers who can help you promote your content and products.

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