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10 strategies that you still have time to execute in your ecommerce

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10 strategies that you still have time to execute in your ecommerce

Many are the media that have talked about the negative consequences for brands during COVID19, but how do we really hope to resurface and turn this situation around? In the following article, we will share with you where COVID19 has done / is doing the most mobile phone numbers for sale damage, but above all, basic concepts to resume this new normal and good practices in ecommerce. All practices have and are currently being applied : How is COVID19 affecting all levels? Without a doubt, before moving on to what to do, we stop at what the entire health and economic crisis in e-commerce is splashing on us. STOCK: without a doubt, a clear factor due to the interference in different variables: if the product has not arrived, you will have passed or will be experiencing a complicated situation.

If you had or have new products for the March-May season, you will surely be accumulating a large amount of stock. Orders that do not arrive, if you import from Italy, you will have had long delays and if it has arrived … UNCERTAINTY: in the first two weeks (March 16 – March 29) you will have noticed a generalized shock effect in which the purchase intention has reached historical lows. PHYSICAL STORES: in addition, if you manage your own points of sale, you have been forced, for security reasons, to completely close the store. MULTIBRAND: if you depend on other professionals to sell your brand, you will have a great dependence on how each point of sale evolves, to sell, to pay bills … OFFLINE: if your business depends largely on offline, you will be in a very delicate situation, especially because of: What will the new normal be like? Ok we can open a store … But will it be profitable? Will I be able to continue growing how I want to? Undoubtedly, it is a very unpleasant moment for all brands, due to the domino effect that it may have on the economy, but … Is it the best way to sit idly by? We hope that at least the one who reads it, does not believe it. What is it currently assuming for brands …


There are some key aspects that can be easily interpreted in the current context that we find ourselves:

ONLINE VS OFFLINE: one of the great turning points, especially was due to the non-prohibition of cutting shipments. This has allowed many brands to have a single source of income: ecommerce. Who dares not to bet on online?
INDEPENDENCE, KEY FACTOR : brands with large volumes of business are seeing it in danger due to: dependencies with multi-brand stores, their lack of liquidity, lack of forecasting of Forex Email List, more than enough reasons to drag you down as a brand. BEWARE, diversifying is correct and legitimate, but the less dependencies you have on third parties, the better. IF YOU ONLY SELL PRODUCT, ALARM: if the only thing you have is a tangible product with many competitors, you will be one more. The brands that are better managing this context are those that: have an inspirational value in their customers, have a hard bulk of recurring customers, sell a why, not just a product, provide facilities to their customers, who are always the « most awarded »for brands.

PERFECT MOMENT TO MAKE THE BRAND KNOWN, with the excessive increase in the use of mobile phones and social networks, those brands that value their human component are those that generate the most interaction, have the most hooked on their audience, the most they recommend, they buy ….
It is as we all know, a complex moment for brands, that is why we have developed the following guide of good practices in ecommerce, so that you can not implement everything 100%, but be inspired by the management of this delicate moment.

Now, what do we do to shorten deadlines and continue with the growth projections at the beginning of the year? PS: there is no absolute truth here. For no one. Next, you will see what we are managing with our brands and what you can apply in your brands, we call this section: GOOD PRACTICES IN ECOMMERCE IN FULL COVID19. WINNING PRODUCT: if you have a TOP10 of best sellers, validated products that already work or some category … Why not manage a modification of the product that already works? For example, if you have a footwear brand with ease of manufacture, managing smaller sizes of the most demanded products can increase your potential audience, on a small modification of a product that you already like. SALES: as always, respecting the narrow line so as not to devalue your brand, but it is a good time to get rid of the stock that you have not been able to free yourself during this ordeal.

GET AHEAD OF YOUR COMPETITION:In the end, if your focus to scale is to increase the% of new customers, you know that you are / are going to make sales … Are you going to wait until July 1 to announce your sales? Obviously yes, if that is the date you have marked, but … Are you going to wait until July 1 to impact that customer that you want to buy later? As a general rule, if you are competing with 4-5 brands, do not expect that you, by magic, take the duck. Manage different previous campaigns so that, when the time comes, they already know you, they already know who you are, you have already shown them the benefit of the product, the functionality and design of the brand … all things being equal, the consumer will buy from a brand before that you already know. So if you wait until the last minute, it will not only be a lost sale but an assistance to your fellow competitors.
REWARD YOUR CUSTOMERS: if you also have a recurring product, let them be the first to know the new collection, the sales, rewards, you are who you are for them, never give anything before to someone new than to the one who is already your client ideal.

MANAGE YOUR NEW RELEASES IN A FLEXIBLE WAY: we are in moments of a new collection, summer is just a few days away… but… Is it good to already know the day / hour / second of the launch of your new collection? Perhaps, the solution is to have it prepared in advance, this without a doubt, but if you have had a strong week in sales … maybe you can extend the launch to the following week, stretch the gum to maintain a stable and scalable line of your sales. (We are not talking about waiting until 2021 to launch your new collection either).
OBSERVE THE DATES: keep in mind that it is no longer the only factor is whether a person has charged or not to be able to buy, another psychological factor that affects the consumer is the evolution according to the phases on mobility restrictions.

ENCOURAGE COMPLEMENTARY SALES: take advantage of the fact that we also have a SALES period in brief, this together with the excess we have in stock, add different ways to sell complementary products with discounts on your own website. It will allow you to increase the average ticket, while you are getting rid of the stock. BRUTAL CartHook, complementary sales Shopify once, and executed the purchase !!

KEEP PROMOTING INTERACTION: in the end, if you contribute quality material to your community, it will be aware of your every move. Do you have a shoe brand? How will your product look in shorts? And with long pants? Tracksuit? Here we tell you how we did it from April 7.
YOUR BRAND AFFILIATION: if your product is cool, your brand has a hook … Why not encourage the recommendation? We are not talking about entering the wheel of discounts – promotions again, but more a natural recommendation action, such as, for example: we have a very careful product with an aligned packaging … to be able to try an unboxing action by tagging the brand in the opening of the product and its subsequent label on Instagram. What do I give you in return? In your next purchase, free shipping, or … registration in the newsletter list in which, in the new collection launches, due to the limited stock we have, you will know before anyone else what we have without the sad news that once I found out, they have already taken away the new product.

LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS: above all, if you have a manufacturing limited in time and / or resources, they are the best standard bearers for your brand. You do not design for yourself, you design for them, listen if they are really interested in the new product before making it, if really, that color is right, if it makes sense to make a product that is already out of stock at the risk of over-manufacturing, with what they want to combine garment, or if it is really for them or to give it away.
The great reading of COVID for brands …

You learn not from experience, but from reading and interpreting it. In the end, we are seeing the industry that is, or is digitized or is betting the vast majority of its eggs, in the same basket. A basket that, as we have seen, if it tends to be offline, will depend on a situation that already presumes that it will repeat itself in a few months and will force us to close the store.

In the end, who only sells product, no one is going to wait for him, unlike whoever sells a lifestyle, they will be waiting for you, who sells humanity and what I have done, they will be waiting for you, also if the decisions of your brand, they are made in part, your consumers.  Who waits for whom everything happens, everything but good will happen. Who with their weapons manages to reinvent themselves and adapt to the situation, will be the brand that comes out first. It remains daring to think about the objectives we had for the summer at the beginning of the year.

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