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The world of fashion continues to grow year after year, and in large part, thanks to the internet. If it is true that uncertainty is still present in 2021, but we can say with certainty that online sales are an outbreak of optimism. Every day new brands emerge, new ways to enter the mobile phone number directory australia and settle, unfortunately many firms in the fashion world neglect the potential that a good ecommerce marketing strategy can do for them. Although it is complex to list them all and develop them, here are 10 tips that will motivate you and help strengthen your fashion ecommerce . Let’s go!

1. Customer experience
Keep your customer happy before, during and after a purchase. Asking founders or marketing directors how users interact in their ecommerce, we realize that not many know what to answer. Knowledge is essential in order to help them find what they are looking for in the fastest and most comfortable way possible. In just a few clicks, it should be easy to find the different types of garments that the user is looking for in your closet. Offering a simple way of contact in case you have problems will be a good way to convert doubts into sales.


2. Personalized emails
Customer who comes in, customer who stays. That is our ideal goal , to create a long and affectionate relationship with our clients . It will be key to send personalized emails to thank the purchase made, update the wish list, notify when a garment is back in stock or remember when they have left something forgotten in the cart.

3. User Generated Content (UGC)
People don’t trust businesses, they trust people. We put ourselves in a situation: we decided to go shopping Forex Email List , what do we do? Enter a thousand sites collecting information about the clothes we like. Price is key in the final decision, yes, but it is also important to know what those who have already bought that garment or in that store think. Their buying experience or knowing what they think of the quality of the product will help to make an appropriate decision. Therefore, share the reviews of your customers along with the product . Do you want to go one step further? Use photos shared by customers wearing that outfit that the user hesitates to buy. They will be your micro influencers.

4. Optimize the description of your products
Exactly, you will give more information to the user, but above all, you will position yourself better in Google. We will have much more traffic if we improve our ranking in the Google search engine. Find the keywords that people search to find a product like yours: type of garment, fabric, colors … Choose and publish quality content that Google users search for. Your garment will appear among the first results.

5. Suggest complementary clothes
« That looks good on you, but if you put it next to this you will be ideal. « Suggest, always suggest complements to your main product . If the customer is buying jeans, perhaps it is the ideal time to suggest that blouse that complements him so well and that, in addition, when adding it to the cart, shipping is free. There are several ways to play with these types of strategies. Do not waste them.

6. Influencer marketing
Who doesn’t want an influencer for their clothing, shoes, bags firm? The easy thing would be to have one at zero cost. It is not always possible. Therefore, the best strategy in this case is to keep track of the influencers who identify with the brand or market in which we are interested and to be able to react to current trends.
Show your products, in the right place and at the right time.

7. Sustainability
We are passionate about fashion, but we do not want this passion to harm the planet . There is increasing demand for new clothing firms, new trends and more online stores. However, customers are increasingly aware of the ways in which their garments are manufactured . Help them find or distinguish those garments made in a sustainable way using some type of labeling.

8. Size recommendations
Buying clothes without trying them on first? Before this was unlikely. Still, it remains one of the barriers to online shopping. Therefore, it is essential to offer the maximum information on sizing . The dimensions of each size, what size the model posing with the garment is wearing, etc. If we can offer some kind of tool that allows them to see themselves with their clothes on, we will help them make the right decision and they will thank us. On the other hand, it would also be curious to be able to recommend sizes that your regular customers should choose, based on previous purchases.

9. Be unique
Differentiate yourself, try new things. We have clients that a priori, we were not completely convinced by the type of product they sold or the way to present it simply because they were very different from the rest. However, this makes them stand out, and not surprisingly, achieve record sales numbers. Do not be afraid to try, but you have to do it with your head. How? A good idea is the A / B Test technique to see what works best with your users. Create two different versions of your page, moderately changing the design or some functions. Collect all the information from these users during the test to measure which model brings the highest conversion, of course, a very powerful strategy to increase sales.

10. Tracking
The era of Big Data is here to stay. Do you know where your customers arrive? And at what hours do you sell the most during the day or week? If you don’t know, you should. This type of information is essential to define a good marketing strategy and thus be able to increase your ROI.

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